This has gotta go down as one of the craziest on-air interviews ever.

During a discussion on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Don Bongino and Geraldo Rivera nearly came to blows while discussing the topic.


The two men were both on opposite sides of the issue and instead of arguing with facts, Geraldo had a full blown meltdown where he literally screamed, shouted, called Bongino a punk and threw a napkin at the screen.

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It’s was literally insane.

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Watch the video:


This man has clearly lost his marbles.

It’s hard to believe that at one point this man was an esteemed member of the press.

Now he’s throwing his hanky at the television screen in a fit of rage.

It’s also hilarious that Geraldo was once considered a “conservative.”

Looks like four years of suffering from TDS have turned him batty.

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