At this point in Biden’s so-called “presidency,” it’s best to stop beating around the bush and just get really honest about all b.s. that this administration is trying to pull and sell to the American people.

The last jobs report that came out was an absolute disaster and you can see that Biden and his cronies are scrambling to slap a bandaid on that gushing wound.


And right as Biden was getting smacked in the face with that bad economic news, the CDC swooped in to save the day and change the news cycle with their new mask recommendations, which essentially “ends” the COVID pandemic.

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Clearly, the timing is suspect and Elise Stefanick just brilliantly called them out for this:

From Newsmax

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s decision to suddenly issue guidance to lift its guidelines on mask-wearing looks “political” considering “last week was the worst week of Joe Biden’s presidency,” newly elected House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik said Monday.

“The gas prices are the highest that they have been in seven years,” the New York Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “When you think about one of the worst jobs report in over 20 years, when you think about (how) small businesses are struggling to hire, that guidance or that finding was three months ago, so the CDC was late in putting that out.”

She added that it is frustrating when Democrat governors, like in her home state, are refusing to follow the CDC’s new guidance, which said that in most, but not all cases, people who are fully vaccinated are safe to go without masks.

Biden has scolded Republican leaders for refusing to follow the CDC’s guidance in the past, but has not spoken out against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who said last week that he and state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker had not yet decided if the state would accept the CDC’s new guidelines.

“There are a lot of reasons why president Biden should be scolding Cuomo,” said Stefanik. “He is the worst governor in America, and the further we get into combating this pandemic, the more we are seeing this. This is not the first time that Gov. Cuomo hasn’t followed public health advice.”

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Good for Elise for calling a spade a spade.

And this is something that former Republican leader Liz Cheney would never do.

Liz would have still been talking about Trump and how “bad” he is, while Biden is allowed to get away with anything and everything completely unchecked.

We need to start keeping this corrupt and fraudulent administration in check, otherwise, it will just become a bigger and bigger problem.

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