Well, the media is really kicking it into overdrive to cover for yet another disaster that’s enshrouding the Biden administration.


According to them, there’s no impending gas crisis, despite the fact that there’s plenty of lines for gasoline popping up in several areas of the country.

This is exactly what Don Jr. just shoved it right in their faces with this brilliant post.

Here’s what said: “But the media has told me repeatedly that there is no shortage and that there are no lines! Is there anything they wont lie about?”

Check it out:

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Of course, the liberal trolls were out in full force on Don Jr’s tweet, but one smug, verified Twitter user made one of the most out-of-touch statements ever.

“If your dad made an effort to promote the transition to electric vehicles instead of denying climate change this would be much less of a problem.”

And the responses to this guy were absolutely brutal.

“Give us all free Tesla’s that would be no more than a line item on the Green New Deal”

“If his dad made an effort to promote? Really? Can people not figure shit out for themselves? Make their own decisions? Heck..you probably promote the vaccine too”

“Somebody has to buy me a Tesla.”

“Could you imagine being this dumb?”

“Are you going to purchase everyone an electric vehicle? Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Absolutely false. And in the last 4 years more companies have made hybrid brands than ever before. People just dont want them. You arent going to convince the vast majority of the country to replace their vehicles with a junk hybrid. Its not that simple. Im never owning one”

“Do you realize that mining lithium for all those electric cars involves gas powered vehicles. Idiot!”


This is pretty pathetic…

The media and these liberal loons can try and bury this all they want, but when thousands of Americans are waiting for hours at gas stations, it’ll be really hard to cover that up.

And they certainly won’t be pointing the finger at Trump.

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