Coca-cola has yet again tried and failed to implement another part of their new “woke” anti-racism campaign.

According to reports, the company is slamming the breaks on their new diversity plan, which aims to penalize outside law firms that failed to meet racial diversity quotas.


This comes after the company faced intense backlash for the plan, as well as the abrupt resignation of Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton.

Gayton’s decisions surrounding race were apparently called out by many as being “unlawful” and a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says employers can’t treat people differently based on their race.

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From New York Post

In January, Gayton made headlines when he unveiled his plans to penalize outside law firms that failed to meet new diversity quotas by slashing their fees or cutting ties with them altogether.

Under the plan, any law firm seeking to do business with the company was required to commit that at least 30 percent of billed time would be from “diverse attorneys,” and at least half of that time would be from black attorneys.

“The hard truth is that our profession is not treating the issue of diversity and inclusion as a business imperative,” Gayton wrote in January, unveiling the plan. “We have a crisis on our hands and we need to commit ourselves to specific actions that will accelerate the diversity of the legal profession.”

But Gayton’s sudden resignation last month has thrown the plan into doubt, with outsiders criticizing the plan and urging Coca-Cola to walk it back.

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All of this new controversy is of course following the equally crazy move that Coke recently made when they told their employees to be “less white.”


Coke is really taking things way too far.

This company needs to stop being “woke” and literally wake up to the fact that their whole SJW campaign is just not going to fly with a majority of Americans.

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