Joe Biden is not popular.


In case you didn’t already realize this, the man who supposedly won 82 million votes (legally), and is supposedly more beloved than Obama and Trump, is literally the most disliked politician around.

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It’s so bad that nobody watches his online speeches, hardly anyone shows up for his “car rallies,” and when he tries to tell a joke to the Military, nobody laughs.

But yeah, he’s the most historic presidential winner ever.

Who believes this crap? Seriously?

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Biden was embarrassed by this – how could he not be? He “stole” a joke that Ronald Reagan once told to the Coast Gaud (I guess it’s an old joke), and thought he could get the same warm, loving, excited response as he did…

But he’s unpopular Joe Biden, so it didn’t work out that way, and Joe, who was obviously humiliated, tried to cover it up by calling the Coast Guard “dull.”

No. They just don’t like you, Joe. Nobody does.


Watch this clip, first, it’s Regan telling the joke – notice the laughter and applause. Then it’s Joe telling the same joke – notice the crickets.

Deep down in that cobweb-filled brain of his, Joe Biden knows that he’s no wanted – but he and his handlers just don’t care.

They don’t care if you dislike him or resent him for how he was installed.


All they care about is “power,” and if you don’t laugh, or clap for them, that’s okay – they’ll just shrug their shoulders and call you names.

They got what they wanted and if you don’t like it, that’s just too damn bad.

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