What happened on January 6th was a lot of things…But one thing it wasn’t, was an “insurrection.”


I’d say it was closer to a “setup” than anything else…but in all fairness to the situation, there were a lot of angry and fed-up Trump supporters there who lashed out.

But can you blame them? They believe (based on a lot of pretty damn good evidence and sketchy moves by the Dems) that the 2020 action was stolen – and that’s a huge deal.

Elections are among the most sacred institutions in this country – and it’s unthinkable that they could be stolen – but that’s what MILLIONS believe…It’s not some “fringe” conspiracy theory that can just be laughed off and swept under the rug – but that’s exactly how Dems, media, and GOP are treating it, and that’s one of the biggest problems and mistakes that the elites are making right now.

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It’s crazy – during the entire “Summer of love” we sat back for months and watched BLM and Anifa burn down our cities and loot businesses and we were told those people are just “blowing off steam” over police violence and brutality towards blacks (that statistically doesn’t exist on any “widespread” level). But when unarmed Americans “blow off steam” with no weapons and no arson at the Capitol over the presidential election, it’s an “insurrection” and the worst thing to happen to this country since 9/11.

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Are you kidding me? These elites are nuts if they think we care more about their speaker podium being stolen than we do about thousands of Americans being slaughtered at work.

But again, this feels more like a “setup” than anything else – especially when you think about all of the fake news that’s surrounded this event…it’s been called an “armed insurrection,” and we’re also told that people were on their way to “hang” Mike Pence and that a police officer was beaten to death by a Trump supporter with a fire extinguisher.

Total hogwash, all of it. Lies, lies, lies.


And we’ve all seen the videos of the Capitol Police literally inviting people inside, and acting like make-shift tour guides – so something isn’t adding up, folks.

But this video here could be one of the most damning of them all – especially to Capitol Police.

It’s a Trump supporter, walking right up to the police a the start of the melee, and asking them why they’re letting all of this get out of hand and not calling for backup.

People want to know – has THIS man been interviewed by officials?

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments on this video:

“Look who just discovered that a significant amount of cops were also in on it and in agreement with those who stormed it, “Those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses””

“where’s the interview for this guy? has anyone talked to him?”

“So it was convenient not to call for the back up. Why?”

“Good question! First time I’ve seen this..I’m sure it will be deleted soon.. Odd how DC MPD had a couple days heads up & did nothing beforehand & during…Hmmmmmmmmm. Not normal!”

“You’ll never see this on CNN or MSNBC”

“So, have DC officials spoken to this man, and where’s the transcript? I’d love to read it.” 

“This was the plan to destroy the movement by subversion it’s as clear as day is anyone still buying this crap?”

There are more questions than answers about January 6th – but one thing we all know for sure is that the Dems used it to silence President Trump.
It was because of that day, that he’s been booted off of all social media.
It’s truly amazing how all of these crazy “organic” events have worked out in the Dems favor?
Just like COVID…it came around at the PERFECT TIME to destroy Trump’s economy and flood the county with mail-in ballots right before an election.
And then the Jan 6th “insurrection” happened, right on time to silence Trump and install Joe.
It’s really a random miracle how all of these incidents just so happen to “help” the Dems, right?…
Give me a break.

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