Meryl Streep should have probably have spent more time nurturing her racist and violent nephew than lecturing Americans on how to live and vote.


Maybe if she had done that, her nephew Charles Harrison Streep wouldn’t have (allegedly) assaulted a young Hispanic teen – who was 18-years-old at the time of the attack – during a road rage incident in East Hampton.

Page Six reports that the victim David Peralta-Mera is suing Mr. Streep in September, claiming that Streep slammed his head to the ground while hurling racial slurs at him in an East Hampton bank parking lot on Aug. 24.

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Streep was initially charged with strangulation and assault, but those felony charges have since been downgraded to misdemeanor offenses, with his $5,000 bail exonerated.

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Must be nice to be a privileged man related to Hollywood royalty, right?

But Streep is being sued in civil court for what he allegedly did to the young man, who had to undergo emergency brain surgery to relieve the swelling on his brain and who now suffers from cognitive issues thanks to the attack.


However, on Tuesday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe granted Streep’s motion to stay the civil case pending his criminal one.

Experts predict that Streep will likely be found guilty in the criminal case, and subsequently, in the civil case as well.

Peralta-Mera’s lawyer, Edmond Chakmakian, told The Post he’s not surprised or disappointed by the stay and will be closely watching the outcome of the trial, where his client will be testifying.

“At the end of the day, Streep will likely be convicted and the only remaining issue to be decided by a jury in the civil matter will be the amount of damages that this young man suffered and will continue to suffer.”


It’s rather stunning that you can cause someone brain issues for life, and that’s considered a “misdemeanor.” I can guarantee, if that were you or me being charged for that crime, they’d throw the book at us.

I hope he gets taken to the cleaners in the civil case.

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