A bizarre photo of the Bidens and the Carters hit the internet yesterday and it has literally sparked a massive amount of buzz, outrage, and conspiracy theories.


When I saw it, I was totally perplexed. Jill and Joe look like 14-foot giants. I thought surely the photo was fake. There’s no way the scale of the people in the photo could be this off, regardless of how “tiny” Jimmy and Rosylm Carter are in real life. It was just too off. So, I thought I was looking at a funny “meme.”

Boy, was I wrong…

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The official “Jimmy Carter” Twitter account actually tweeted out the photo, confirming that the Bidens did meet up with the Carters during their visit to Georgia.

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The Biden’s look much bigger, not just in height, but “bulk-wise” too. Jill and Joe are not that HUSKY. Joe looks like he just lifted 500 pounds of weights and Jill’s waist is very thick. Neither of them are that bulky, never mind how “tall” they appear.

But there’s another point about this photo that is absolutely outrageous.


Where are their masks?

Jill and Joe will wear masks in a room alone, but when they get around people who are 100 years old, they take them off?

The comments online came fast and furious:

“No mask? But they’ve been wearying masks EVERYWHERE, so why not with this very elderly, very vulnerable couple?”

“Dude what is with the size difference between these people what the hell is going on here”

“Stop It… Get some help… No one believes this is a real photo…”

“The Biden pic with the Carter’s looks like a pic from Stranger Things. Eleven where are you??”

“So Biden only wears his mask outside and thinks its a good idea to take pictures next to 90 year olds without one.”

“This picture has been tampered with…you can tell by looking at Biden’s shoe on the carpet”

“I know people shrink a bit when they age but damn. I’m no expert but is this photoshop? Biden bigger than the chair kneeling”

“Joe finally found someone who is more feeble than he is.”

“On the next episode of Honey I shrunk the Carter’s…”

“I honestly feel bad about myself, because I thought these were puppets at first”

“There is so many things wrong with this photo I don’t know where to begin. I feel like Willi Wonka teamed up with Alice in Wonderland.”

“Guy wears a mask outside in the wide open but not next to a 96 year old. “

“Rossalyns head isn’t sitting correctly on her body.”

“What the F is wrong with Jimmy’s feet? And from his knee to his foot is longer than his torso.”

“Literally killing granny.”

“Is Biden a ventriloquist ?”

“I knew biden was deep state and owned by the Chinese but I had no idea he was also involved with the lollipop guild”

“What the actual phukk is going on here…. Looks like mr and mrs Biden are giants… Or they are visiting hobbits in the Shire.”

“I didn’t realize Biden was 7’4”.”

This was the explanation for the odd scale from a self-proclaimed “photographer” online:

A wide angle lens causes everything on the outer edges of the image to expand, and center to contract — the small room made a wide angle lens necessary.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.


We’ve seen too many odd things with the “Biden Show” sham presidency, so I’m not buying the “camera lens” excuse. How ’bout you?

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