Here’s a tip for everyone out there – if you truly respect and admire someone you will know what their name is.


If it’s just words on a teleprompter written for you to repeat like a malfunctioning robot, you won’t know their name.

Do you wanna guess which one Joe Biden is?

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It happened during yet another disastrous speech in Michigan, where Bumbling Joe Biden was telling Rashida Tliab how much he admired and respected her – only he never got her name right.

WOW, he must really “respect” her..haha. He doesn’t even know what the hell her name is.

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Very sincere, Joe, I’m sure Rashida – whose name you don’t actually know – appreciate all that “admiration.”

Biden’s handlers dragged his molting carcass to Michigan in order to “reassure” automakers that he’s got their backs. Oh Gawd, that’s the kiss of death right there. Imagine that senile fool having your ‘back,’ — you’d be doomed.

While Bumbling Biden spoke to automakers, he also acknowledged Michigan’s radical communist lawmaker Rashida Tlaib.

Only Biden changed her name to “Rasheed.”


“And Rashid, Tlaib—Where is Rashid? I’ll tell you what, Rashid—” Joe Biden said, as he promised her he would take care of her Palestinian family living in the West Bank. Biden told the potty-mouthed lawmaker that he admired her intellect, telling her, “you’re a fighter—and god, thank you for being a fighter.”



What an embarrassment this clown is.


Although, in this case, I do kind of love that he didn’t get RASHEED’s name right.

She was probably standing there seething and embarrassed over the flub.

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