We’re told time and time again that Joe Biden is the most beloved politician in the history of the United States.


According to the media and Dems, Joe’s so popular and loved that he eclipsed the Trump and Obama movement.

That’s right, a career politician who has done literally NOTHING and inspired nobody, and who can’t string a sentence together if his life depended on it, got more votes than Obama and Trump.

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Do you believe that?

Nobody with an ounce of seriousness does. It’s absurd.

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But they keep pushing this nonsense – meanwhile, 2020 was an election with an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots that flooded the system like a tsunami, but questioning THAT and asking if everything was on the “up and up” makes you a “Q Kook.”

That type of absurd push-back in and of itself is suspicious as all get out.

And they keep putting out these laugh-out-loud polls that claim Biden has these insanely high approval ratings. It’s like a comedy show of fake news, at this point.

But the curious thing is that all of these people who supposedly approve of Biden and historically LOVE him so much, are nowhere to be found.

They don’t watch his stuff on TV, they don’t watch his stuff online, and they have no real showing on his social media, either.


So what gives?

How can a politician who is “historically” the most popular and loved in the history of the nation, not have a massive foundation of supporters who show up in ratings, social media, and views?

The only “proof” we have of this so-called HISTORIC support for Bumbling Old Joe is a controversial election that 53% of Republicans and a huge amount of all Americans think was wrought with “fraud” – oh, and these goofy polls they keep pumping out that people are literally laughing at now.

Meanwhile, Biden and Kamala look like the Two Stooges on the world stage, inflation is soaring, our border is a total mess, and the economy is tanking.

So, what’s there to “approve of?” No more “mean” tweets? Good grief, Biden couldn’t write a tweet without a team of handlers helping him.

They don’t let him anywhere near any social media. The man can barely read a teleprompter.

That’s why when I saw this Facebook post of his, commemorating his first “100 days,” I had to share it with you.

The most POPULAR and LOVED politician in the history of the universe is being laughed at by one million people online.


Here’s the breakdown: 1.6 million people either liked, loved, or laughed at Biden’s post about how America is “back on track.”

Inflation isn’t “back on track,” by the way…

Of those 1.6 million, a whopping 1 million laughed at Joe, while the other 600k liked or loved it.

That’s quite a gap, right?

But even so, we’re expected to believe that this man got 82 million historic votes…

Check it out:

How long until Facebook disables these features so we can’t actually, SEE with our own eyes what people really think of Joe Biden?

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