AOC could be in big trouble now that New York is losing a House seat, thanks to Trump’s census.


Many moons ago when this scenario first popped up in theory, AOC’s name was tossed around as someone who might get the boot.

Back then, the reason why was because she was at such strong odds with Pelosi and other establishment Dems.

Well, it happened.

New York did lose a seat, and the chatter is back, only this time it’s a lot more serious because it’s less about Pelosi and more about local New York Dems, who absolutely despise AOC.

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New York’s congressional delegation will shrink by one seat after the 2022 election. But, it was a close call. They lost the seat by just 89 residents.

Town Hall reported that blue states are losing seats and red states are gaining them. The Trump bastions are increasing their clout in Congress. How dare people move to states that are friendlier to their pocketbooks. This is happening and New York is about to lose a congressional seat. Who will get the ax?


Will it be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? We’ve discussed how her biggest enemy isn’t Republicans, it’s the New York Democratic Party who aren’t too keen to her brand of politics. She might be eyeing launching a primary challenge against Chuck Schumer. She could run for governor. For Ocasio-Cortez, the sky is the limit, and while she might challenge Schumer anyway, keeping her district from the shredder could entice her to sit out 2022, maybe. Axing her district would release her into the wild where she’s more unpredictable. She very well could run in a neighboring district and win.

The bottom line is this –  if Cuomo hadn’t signed that order that led to thousands of people dying in nursing homes, they would still have their House seat.


Let’s hope that the person who pays the price is AOC – it would be awesome to see her get booted from Congress.

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