Every once in a while, you’ll come across a video that is so perfect in every single way, that you sit back, watch it a few times, and just bask in its greatness…


This is one of those videos…and bonus – this video is slamming that race-baiting/divisive rich liberal D-list actress, Alyssa Milano.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] This Black Woman Just Knocked Alyssa Milano Off Her White Privilege Throne

But honestly, folks, it’s not “slamming,” it’s actually educating her and the hordes of white liberals that treat minorities like a charity case in order to manipulate their emotions and control them.

A couple of weeks back, Alyssa made an insulting video, once again, treating black folks like incapable ninnies who need rich, out-of-touch white liberals to “show them the way” and protect them.

Give me a break.

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It’s stomach-turning to see this nonsense day in and day out.

Basically in the original video clip, Alyssa is victimizing poor black men, explaining how awful it must be for them to turn on the TV and see how they’re portrayed.

No black man needs this “Karen/Liberal energy” in their lives.

And this young black man – presumably the type of man Alyssa is trying to “defend and protect” – has had about enough of this woman and the liberals like her – and he just set all of them straight in this blistering but totally spot-on clip.

You can watch the video below:

It’s great to see black folks stand up to this manipulation and control by liberals.

You can’t be a hero in life if you’re walking around as the “victim role.” And that’s what liberals want – they want to keep black folks in the “victim role” so they’ll always be dependent on them for a voice, and support.


It’s the biggest sham and the most effective form of mind and behavior control I’ve ever seen – and it’s working on a lot of people – but thankfully, many folks are waking up and seeing the truth.

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