There is nothing on earth that has been more polarizing and divisive than the COVID virus. And I’m not even talking about the death toll right now. I’m talking about all of the other controversial goodies that come along with the virus. Things like lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and so-called “science.”

All the stuff that has divided America (and the world) straight down the middle.


I am a firm believer that liberals love the COVID virus because they believe it was the one thing that finally took down Trump.

Seriously, you can call me crazy, or whatever, but I believe that wholeheartedly.

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These nutbags spent years searching for a savior to slay the dragon – Mueller, Stormy, Omarosa, Cohen, Bolton, and the list goes on. Nothing ever panned out for them until COVID came along.

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I believe that liberals see COVID like some kind of Godzilla figure…COVIDZILLA. Sure, it’s deadly, but it’s a “good kind of deadly” because it killed the evil Orange beast.

I know it sounds crazy, but I firmly believe that’s where we are at this point…and I also believe that’s why they’re so excited – almost giddy – to do everything the government tells them to do.

“Must not anger COVIDZILLA, must pay respect to the Orange Beast Slayer…”

So, we’ve got COVIDZILLA worshipers on one end of the spectrum, and on the other end COVID deniers…and in between there’s this middle ground where most of us have landed…Yeah, we believe COVID is real and can cause damage to unhealthy and elderly people, but we don’t really think the masks are working, and we also don’t think it’s wise to shut down an entire economy, and we’re really iffy about getting that creepy non-FDA approved vaccine.

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These are all very common sense and normal things to think and feel, by the way.

But in a world and country gone completely mad, common sense doesn’t really fit in, does it?

So, anyone who has these types of thoughts and reservations about the vaccine is not offered room and respect to explore those feelings –  no – they’re labeled a leper of society and basically left to die.

Okay, slight exaggeration, but not really.

Take a look at what happened on this cruise ship in the Caribbean.


The moment a volcano erupted, endangering everyone, the cruise liners evacuated the cruisers – but ONLY the “COVIDZILLA vaccinated cruisers.”

I guess everyone else was just “BBQ.”


You can watch the video below:

The media and Dems are to blame for this.

They’ve spent the better part of a year or more spreading all of this fear and panic. And that’s a very powerful weapon to use against society.


A lot of very weak-minded sheeple can be easily controlled, and then you add to that, my theory that a lot of these whackos secretly “love” COVID, and you create a recipe for division and disaster.


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