Our country is so divided and such a mess right now.


Everything under the sun has been “politicized.”

The stuff that you used to enjoy is now unrecognizable. Look at sports – it went from being America’s past-time to this boot camp for social justice warriors.

MORE NEWS: People Questioning “Suspicious Location” of Capitol Troops After Today’s Car Attack 

And now, we have airlines chiming in on state bills that have absolutely nothing to do with them or their industry.

Everyone is political – and this was the goal of the radical left…to infiltrate every nook and cranny of this country and just devour it – whole.

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The saddest part in all of this is how we’ve become so callous as a nation, that when some horrible tragedy occurs, like a shooting, or a violent protest, all we care about is which side of the aisle the perpetrator is on.

The left started this, but now we all do it. Even I do it. And the reason why is because that’s the new “norm,” and even if you try to rise above it, you still get sucked into it at some point.


When there’s a shooting or some other tragedy, the folks on the right usually wait to get the details before getting “political.”

The left doesn’t do that – and the reason why is because this is their swimming pool, and we’re just treading water in it, and trying to keep our heads above water. The left is driving the narrative – right off a cliff.

And speaking of that narrative…today, there was an attack at the US Capitol.

The moment that I heard someone used their car to bust through the barricade, I thought, “Oh holy heck, the Dems will use this to go nuttier…”

See? The “new norm.”

Ten years ago, if this happened, the first thing I’d be asking “IS ANYONE HURT??”

MORE NEWS: People Questioning “Suspicious Location” of Capitol Troops After Today’s Car Attack 

Just moments after this horrific incident happened, where a police officer lost his life, the liberal left was already declaring it was a Trump supporter.

And on that note, I’d like to take a moment to post something about that officer who lost his life protecting his city from bad guys.

His name was William F. Evans, and he was an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police.

And this is a picture of him.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for his family – they must be so devastated.

As far as the liberals go,  I guess I can’t blame them for thinking the perp was a Trump supporter – after all, the media and Dems (and some weak Republicans) have been calling us “domestic terrorists” for three months now.

So, liberals wasted no time and didn’t wait for any facts – they came racing out of the gate, attacking white people – as if it somehow matters more what the color of this guys skin was than the fact that he just murdered a police officer – a man who will never go back home to his loved ones, ever again.

Anyway…here are just a few of the tweets that liberals put out moments after the incident.

They seem almost giddy about it, right?

Well, not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but it turns out that the man who attacked the Capitol was not white. He was a young black name by the name of Noah Green who followed Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

Liberals who jumped the gun were immediately shredded online.

Here’s what a verified Twitter user “David M,” who’s a writer and producer said: “Without having the slightest clue about the “security incident” at the Capitol, I’ma go ahead and call white nationalist terrorism on this one.”

And here are the responses to his tweet:

“You should have just stopped at “Without having the slightest clue” and then you wouldn’t look like a race baiting dumbass.”


“I don’t recall Minister Farrakahn having many white supremacists in the Nation of Islam.”

“I’d offer my condolences on being wrong, but you’re probably used to it by now.”

“What would you have thought if I had said that about your race? If only we thought of good people and bad ones…it would save us a lot of sorrow.”

“To be fair, this is how modern journalism works these days”

“Well this tweet did not age well”

“Whatever the opposite of completely correct and you are spot on is, this tweet nails it. The amount of blind stupidity from the left is bordering on overflowing.”

“With only a solitary tweet to judge you by, I’ma go ahead and block you”

“No critical thinking skills I see”

“You’re the problem with race baiting and not having reason being applied in your life. For those who can’t admit they are wrong without a but after it tend to be narcissists or very close-minded people.”

“It’s never too late to circle back.”

“Amazing vindication of Pavlov’s theories regarding conditioning and conditioned reflexes.”

“Oops. Your bias is hanging out. You just might want to tuck that in.”

“This is how progressives attack the Right…with no facts and almost always wrong!!’

“I love love love how the Enlightened think.”

“By now, just keep guessing and you’ll get one right eventually… The darts approach!”

“Yes, you need to keep that virtue signaling going or they will come after you.”

“Genuine oof moment”

“That an assumption and we all know what assuming makes you’

‘Well you were right about one thing. You don’t have the slightest clue.”

“Without having the slightest clue who you are, I’ma go ahead and call you a legendary clown” 

“You were desperately hoping but no cigar.”

“Most people would call this type of characterization racist.”

“When you only have one method of analysis, and that’s to declare everything to be likely racism in action…”

And on and on these types of replies went.


I’d like to say that this gentleman will have learned his lesson, but he won’t.

He’ll be the first one to make a rash judgment the next time something terrible happens…and once again, mental illness, and people filled with hate, will be ignored and glossed over and this terrible cycle will continue.


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