Last night Kamala stumbled at the podium during her “George Floyd’ speech, and today Nancy Pelosi’s brain broke on live TV.


Is Joe’s “illness” catchy?

That’s what I’m starting to think.

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Let’s face it, Congress looks more like a nursing home than a place where work for “we the people” is actually happening.

Some of our congressional leaders have been in office for decades…and we all know what happens when you get too cozy at your job, right?  It’s never a good thing, trust me.

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This is why we need term limits, but I guess that’s another topic for a different day.

What we’re left with now are a bunch of elderly folks who are aging and sadly, deteriorating at a rapid rate – on our dime.

We all know what’s going on with the so-called “president.” He looks and sounds like he has full-blown Dementia.


But it’s not just him…There’s another Democrat who is starting to sound equally as lost and confused as Joe Biden – and it’s none other than Nancy Pelosi.

During a presser about DC statehood, Nancy Pelosi got really confused and referred to her COVID mask (while pointing at it) as a “hat.”

Yes, a HAT…


Let’s face it, Nancy has had a bad couple of days.


Yesterday she took a lot of flack for “thanking” George Floyd for dying in the most bizarre statement ever issued, and today she’s calling her mask a “hat.”

What gives?

Something is up with this woman. Not sure if it’s old age or high-balls, but she’s declining fast.

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