Nancy Pelosi has seen better days.


Pre-Trump she was considered a savvy and shrewd political force of nature.

After Trump, she was revealed to be a shaky, confused, booze-soaked batty old woman.

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It’s been an amazing fall from grace – but now we realize that Pelosi was never a tough fighter – she just never had to actually fight until President Trump came along.  Prior to Trump, Pelosi’s so-called Republican enemies were all paper tigers who actually agreed with her on most issues.

It was just political theatre, put on so all the peasants actually thought there was “something brewing.”

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Nothing was brewing, ever. They were all united against us.


President Trump broke Pelosi and revealed her to be an over-emotional wreck, who made rash decisions based on her feelings, not what was best for the American people.

Pelosi is one of the most disliked and unpopular politicians in DC. This is a woman who is well past her prime – she eats $14 dollar ice cream for fun, and sounds like she’s half in the bag whenever she speaks.

But one thing Pelosi does know how to do is hammer a topic into the ground until everyone in the country is doing one collective eye-roll.

And that’s precisely what she’s been doing with the January 6th unrest in DC.

The Dems are great at milking every last drop of political milk out of any situation – and Pelosi is still working overtime to drain the “insurrection cow.”

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Now, batty Pelosi is sharing what she would have done, if she came face-to-face with those evil and dangerous “insurrectionists” on January 6th – Pelosi said she’d “fight them.”

Suuuurrre – the woman with the bone density of a Saltine Cracker would be “brawling” with people half her age.

That sounds about as plausible as Joe Biden legally winning “82 million votes.”

Here’s what Pelosi said:

In a wide-ranging interview with USA TODAY, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described what she would have done if her security agents hadn’t managed to evacuate her in time during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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When asked if the mob had frightened her, she replied, “I’m pretty tough. I’m a street fighter.” Besides, she said with a laugh, lifted a foot clad in her classic 4-inch-high stilettos, “I would have had these” as weapons.

A street fighter? The woman who owns two 20K refrigerators in a San Fran mansion is a “street fighter” now?

Okay, Nancy…time to grab your wine, take your pills and go night-night.

And speaking of January 6th — turns out that someone actually issued a “stand down ” order for Capitol Police on January 6th. Could it have been Nancy herself?

If there wasn’t a “stand down” order, Nancy wouldn’t have had inside to “fight.”


And that. was precisely the point, wasn’t it? Another Dem-made catastrophe.

Gee, when they’re not whipping up pandemics, the Dems are busy creating “insurrections.”

They are busy little communist bees, aren’t they?


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