The verdict is in on the Derek Chauvin trial. He is guilty on all counts.


The announcement came down at 5:00 pm Eastern time, and the crowd that was gathered outside the courtroom celebrated.

Democrat Politicians, who politicized the death of George Floyd the same way they politicized COVID, began reacting to the guilty verdict.

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One of the most shocking statements came from Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, who delivered one of the most inappropriate comments ever, considering the circumstances.

She actually “thanked” George Floyd for dying in the name of “justice.”

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What the heck?


Here’s what she said: “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice…Because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous for justice.”


People on both sides of the aisle were outraged, but it was the left that was absolutely furious, and some are actually calling for her to resign:

“Huh he DID NOT sacrifice his life madam speaker. HE WAS MURDERED”

“Oh gross. He was murdered. Why would you say that? He should be home hugging his daughter.”

“What!!!! Thank u????!!! @SpeakerPelosi did you just hear what you just said? He didn’t sacrifice his life, he was MURDERED…”

“Pretty sure he didn’t sign up to be murdered by a cop.”

“Lady, it’s time for you to go” 

“You couldn’t be more tone deaf if you tried”

“Probably the stupidest statement I have ever heard.”

“Why are so many politicians out of touch…how could she even say this? How could she not know better?”

“Thank you for sacrificing your life? Better to say, I’m sorry you had to sacrifice your life for justice. Sheesh.”

“That has got to be in the running for the most poorly chosen words since language was invented.”

“Raise your hand if you’re a democrat and you want Pelosi to resign ASAP” 

“This just shows how ignorant and out of touch with what this really means. This is all just pageantry acted out by a puppet of the state”

“OMG—she needs to resign immediately. What a stupid thing to say. At that moment? Come on now!!!! Time to step down and hang out in the retirement community.”


“this woman needs to resign immediately and i’m a democrat saying this” 

“Something to bring all Americans together – we can probably all agree that Pelosi’s statement was one of the stupidest ever made.”

“Are you fucking serious right now Nancy? Are you fucking serious!?!? HE SHOULDN’T BE DEAD!!! FIX THAT SHIT!!!!”


“you are out of touch and you need to resigne immeditaley” 

“Can’t wait to hear how Pelosi tries to walk this back. What a fucking awful statement.”

“My God, she is not a serious woman. resign. your out of touch” 

“This was sooooo offensive. She must resign” 

“This is the typical response for someone who hasn’t been in contact with any remotely normal people in like 2 decades. So completely detached.”

“Pelosi needs to go” 

“This is disgusting! George Floyd did not sacrifice his life, he was murdered! Do better Nancy Pelosi.”


And on and on and on the comments from angry liberals went…Not sure how Pelosi will weasel out of this one, but it’s great to watch her slow-boil.


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