MLB can’t stop making bad decisions…we all remember that disastrous Georgia All-Star Game debacle.

And just when you think it can’t get worse for Major League Baseball they prove all of us wrong and do something so stupid, that the person who came up with this idea should be fired by now.


America is sick and tired of sports teams getting political – and they’re letting their feelings be known – just look at what’s happening to the NBA. Their ratings are at an all-time low, thanks to the bungling hijinx of “King James.”

So, knowing this – what does the MLB do? They go and get even more political with this bonehead new move.

According to Breitbart, Major League Baseball (MLB) is now questioning fans about political affiliation in their new post-game survey about the ballpark experience.

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MLB is under new scrutiny as a new survey shows fans are being about political affiliation in a ballpark experience in a post-game survey. In a report from National Review, MLB claims the questions asked regarding political affiliations are “part of the extensive fan surveys MLB is conducting this year around the ballpark experience.”

What are these people thinking? They’re doubling down on the one thing America doesn’t want. They deserve everything negative that they get.

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The league claims the surveys are for are to try trying to “gain knowledge about fan perceptions, preferences, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Of course, according to a recent poll done by Morning Consult, it was found, their favorability levels have completely collapsed within the Republican base.

For pro-sport Republicans, the rating collapsed 35 percent, down from 47 percent to 12 percent in only a month. The poll showed the MLB used to have the “highest net favorability rating among Republicans of the four major sports leagues before the All-Star Game decision,” Morning Consult noted.


If MLB needs a survey to figure out that Americans are sick of politics and social issues mixed in with their sports, then they’re in bigger trouble than we all thought.

Good riddance to these sports fools who can’t even show their fans simple respect.

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