The MLB is making an absolute mess of things.


I am convinced that “woke politics” is the biggest trainwreck on the planet – it never ends well because it’s all based on so much hooey.

This entire Georgia voter law disaster is the fault of two people:

  1. Stacey Abrams
  2. Joe Biden

These two stirred the pot so feverishly and created a perfect storm of stupidity.

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Stacey spread outright lies about the bill and whipped everyone up into a frenzy.

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Joe also spread lies and then urged the MLB to pull out of GA.

Now, the mostly minority city of Atlanta has lost a ton of revenue based on literal LIES about a bill, just so Abrams and Biden could score some political points.

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And as if that wasn’t bad enough — it’s actually gotten a heck of a lot worse.

Now, we’re learning that the MLB has chosen its new city for the “All-Star” game…

They choose Denver…a mostly white city, that also has voter-ID laws.

You can’t make this kind of stupidity up – it’s breathtaking.


And this is precisely what Trump loyalist Katrina Pierson pointed out in a scathing tweet directed at the MLB and liberal cancel culture.

Here’s what Katrina said: “The MLB is so woke that they took the All Star game from one of the largest minority communities in America and gave it to a rich white community in a less diverse state? A state that has #VoterID laws? Got it! #cancelculture”

This is why corporations and organizations should not get involved in politics.

It’s a loser’s game.

Because everything nowadays is hyped, twisted, and contorted to fit into a specific political agenda – and the truth gets completely lost between layers and layers of propaganda.

And you’d think that these companies would realize that – especially after 4 years of the media and Dems doing this exact same nonsense with President Trump.


But that’s what happens when you’re “woke.” You literally lose all common sense and rational thinking and are simply operating on “emotional mob mentality.”

This is not how you conduct business.

Airlines and sports franchises should be flying airplanes and hitting baseballs, and that’s it. And if can’t stick to doing just that, they will pay the price.


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