The MLB has officially sealed it’s fate with possibly one of the dumbest moves in sports history.


Their choice to withdraw the All-Star Games from Georgia has been absolutely lambasted, with many citing the fact that their decision actually harms the minority community in Atlanta as it practically decimates the cities economy.

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Although now the pressure is on for other sports leagues to follow suit and make a big virtue signalling move, but the Masters Tournament just swatted down their chance to make a grandious political statement and is staying true to Georgia.

From Washington Examiner

The chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament walked a fine line in his first comments about Georgia’s new voting law.

Fred Ridley told reporters on Wednesday that voting rights are “fundamental to who we are as a people,” and while he didn’t say if he personally supported or opposed the law, Ridley explained that the legendary competition will still go on as planned.

“The right to vote is fundamental in our democratic society,” said Ridley. “No one should be disadvantaged in exercising that right, and it is critical that all citizens have confidence in the electoral process.”

“We realize that views and opinions on this law differ, and there have been calls for boycotts and other punitive measures. Unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society,” Ridley said, referencing the city of about 200,000 people where the tournament is located.

He said those residents are the “very focus of the positive difference” the golf club is trying to make.

Democrats and liberal activist groups have pushed hard for corporations to take a stand against the Georgia law, which changes some voting scheduling procedures, limits the number of absentee ballot drop box locations, and requires photo IDs in order to vote absentee by mail.

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Good for them that they’re chosing to not cripple a city in order to score political brownie points.

I’m sure their ratings will also not be hit quite as bad as the MLB’s surely will.

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