The U.S. Southern border is in absolute chaos right now.

Droves of migrants are flooding into this country, seeking the same asylum that many illegal immigrants here in this country were just granted by the Biden administration.


While that may be a wonderful prospect for some, it’s causing an absolute humanitarian crisis at the border, with children being stuffed into detention facilities like sardines, many being sexually abused and some found floating in the Rio Grande.

All of this insanity is erupting all around Biden, but for some reason, he’s completely asleep at the wheel.

As a matter of fact, neither he nor Kamala have actually visited the border, but many members of the GOP have and what they’ve seen there is shocking.

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Most notably Louie Gohmert, who was just there, happened to stumble upon “signs” posted on trees near the border in Texas – and the signs actually point incoming migrants towards their nearest asylum spot.


Unbelievable…we’re now providing guided instructions.

Who the heck is doing this and why isn’t someone removing these signs?

Biden is so overwhelmed by these asylum requests that he actually just threw 2,000 asylum-seeking families out of the U.S. and sent them back to Tijuana, Mexico.

From Inforum

SAN DIEGO — The Biden administration has flown roughly 2,000 asylum seekers — all families with children — from Texas to San Diego and expelled them from the United States to Mexico without giving them a chance to request protection.
Tijuana has been receiving on average about 100 expelled people a day from the flights, according to the Mexican consulate in San Diego. Mexican immigration officials generally transport the families to migrant shelters. The primary shelter is currently filled with hundreds of parents and children.

The flights, which have not received much attention since they started in mid-March, mirrors strategies used by President Joe Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, to try to deter people from coming by putting those who do come in difficult situations in Mexico.


This is just an absolute mess.

What exactly is Biden’s game plan right now?

Nobody really knows –  but one thing we do know is that this situation won’t be fixed anytime too soon.

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