When I saw that Liz Cheney was seriously considering “running for president” in 2024, I literally “laughed out loud.”


It’s absurd – I can’t think of a more unpopular politician right now, besides maybe Adam Kinzinger or Mitt Romney.

Liz Cheney, who led the charge against President Trump, voted against him during the second sham impeachment and refuses to acknowledge that there was “fraud” during that absurd 2020 election, now thinks she has a chance to win the 2024 election?

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She’d poll lower than Jeb! Bush, for crying out loud. Jeb! would look like a rockstar in comparison.

So what gives?

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Is Liz truly that clueless?

That’s what I was thinking, and I was bewildered at her lack of self-awareness – but then Jason Miller, one of Trump’s top advisors, chimed in and actually explained why Liz (and other loser politicians) made this move.

It turns out they do it to give themselves an “out” as their popularity back home slides into the abyss.


And when you think of it that way – it actually makes perfect sense.

Here’s what Jason said: “This is just Liz Cheney giving herself an “out” as her re-election primary approaches and she finally realizes she’s dead. My guess is they’ve received new polling showing this exact point, hence the 2024 tease.”

This move here happens with a lot of unpopular politicians and I’ve always wondered why they did this and just figured they were completely unaware and narcissistic.

I mean,  they still are all those things, but…it turns out in many cases it’s to give them an out so their big, gigantic egos aren’t bruised.


And you can definitely see Liz doing that since her arc nemesis Trump has been so vocal about helping to unseat her.

Well, the good news is thhat either way, Liz will be losing her job – and that’s all we care about at this point.

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