It’s been a mystery as to why Lachlan’s Murdoch, the big head-honcho at Fox News, picked up his wife and kids and fled from his LA home back to Australia.

It was almost like a “thief in the night” departure, and it had a lot of people wondering what was going on.


Did the quick departure have anything to do with the sliding ratings at Fox?

Some speculated Lanchland was being replaced.

However, now we know the truth…

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Lachland left because of Joe Biden.

Good grief.

He felt the political tide turning and decided to get out of dodge.

He says he did it for his kids, who were getting treated very poorly at school by children of leftists.

What? Suck it up, everyone…

From Daily Mail

Lachlan Murdoch, his supermodel wife Sarah and their three children quietly arrived in Australia from Los Angeles last month.

And while no reason was given for the family’s return Down Under, a new report has claimed that it was the political climate in the US that helped make the decision for the family to leave LA in favour of their Sydney home.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the family ‘felt the cold winds of political change’ when Joe Biden assumed power over Donald Trump, after the family-owned Fox News appeared to favour the Republican Party throughout the election campaign.

The publication also claims things ‘got pretty rough’ for their children Kalan Alexander, 16, Aidan Patrick, 14, and daughter Aerin Elisabeth, 10, at school.

‘They are mostly big fundraisers for Biden, so you can imagine how well it went down when one of their classmates’ dads is at the helm of the biggest anti-Biden machine in the country.’

The man most likely to take over his father Rupert’s global empire arrived in Australia last month via private jet.
The family completed the mandatory quarantine period for international visitors by remaining confined to their luxury home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The Murdochs bought the beautiful Georgian mansion in Sydney’s Bellevue Hill in 2009 for $23 million and then reportedly spent $11.67 million renovating the property.


What a typical, weak Republican Lachlan’s is.

He throws in the towel the moment the chips are down?

This would have been a great opportunity for him to show his kids how to fight like a righteous warrior.

Instead, he ran away with his tail between his legs.

This is exactly how the GOP always behaves.

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