I guess these celebrities and “sports icons” will ever learn, will they?


Not only do we NOT want to hear what they have to say about politics and social issues, but we really, really want them to start focusing on their demented and violent families.

If sports figures and celebs really wanted to help society, they’d start taking care of their violent kids, and relatives.

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Take Kareem Abdul Jabbar for example…while this man was so busy attacking President Trump, his son was going off the rails.

Things got so bad, that his son actually stabbed his neighbor over an argument about garbage cans. He nearly killed the poor person –  and now he faces decades in prison.


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Imagine if Kareem had spent the energy he used to attack Trump and his supporters, to help his troubled son?  Maybe if he did that, his son wouldn’t have lost his marbles, and that poor neighbor would have been spared such a horrific nightmare.

But these people don’t care about stuff like that – narcissistic celebrities like Kareem, who can’t even hold their own lives together, want to spend their free time discussing things they don’t understand and preach to others how they should live, behave, and vote.

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And that’s exactly what Karem Abdul Jabbar is doing AGAIN.

While his son awaits trial for stabbing another human being, Kareem is praising the MLB for leaving Atlanta, and destroying the economy for a lot of hardworking Americans.

From Breitbart 

Former professional basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said Friday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that Major League Baseball moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta, GA following the passage of a new voter law “means something to everybody.”

Melber asked, “Kareem, what does it mean for Major League Baseball to take a stand like this right now?”

Abdul-Jabbar said, “I think it’s very significant, Ari, because it shows that this means something to everybody. This is something that we all want to see end. Voter suppression is not what democracy is about. We all want to see it end. By Major League Baseball making a statement like that, they show that they are concerned and that the people — that so many of their players are people of color, they’re probably worried about it also.”

This is just another perfect example of why Americans are so sick and tired of these ‘celebrities.’


The hypocrisy and arrogance have gone from sickening to downright evil.

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