Justice Roberts isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

It’s pretty clear that he’s just a full-blown liberal at this point.

He has to be one of the biggest disappoints on the bench.

Many people go back and forth a lot, wondering, is Roberts compromised or just a coward?

I’d say it’s probably a little of both.

Time and time again Roberts has sided with the left and right now – it’s clearer than ever that that’s where he belongs.

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It’s gotten to the point now where he starting to resemble another Justice who was a leader on the liberal side of the court: Ginsburg.

And this picture really encapsulates that:

This picture is the most accurate portrayal of Roberts that you’ll ever see – and you know what, I bet the left would fully agree as well.

It’s hard to remember the last time where Roberts did anything truly brave or courageous for the right.

I am convinced that the left “owns” him. That seems to be the only logical explanation at this point.

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This latest frustration with Roberts is coming on the heels of his recent decision to actually vote against people in California being able to gather and pray.

How can this man seriously call himself a “conservative” at this point?

From Red State

Roberts ostensibly claims to be protecting the court’s reputation and limiting its impact. In reality, he’s just a spineless weasel who doesn’t want to be held accountable for what a correct ruling might mean. The court does not exist to have its reputation protected. It exists to uphold the Constitution, something Roberts should probably become more acquainted with.

In another show of authoritarian cowardice, Roberts voted with Justices Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayer by dissenting in a 5-4 ruling that struck down California’s ban on in-house prayer. Yes, a state had actually banned people gathering to pray.

At what point should reporters stop saying “Chief Justice Roberts joined the court’s three liberals” and simply start saying “the court’s four liberals?”


Thank goodness that this ruling was struck down, but it’s terrifying that the votes were that close.

It’s unthinkable that four of the nine justices would actually vote to BAN people praying in their homes.

It’s shameful, too.

We’ve given our government WAY too much power, on all front, and if we’re not careful, this isn’t going to end well for us.

Also, it’s clear that Roberts being at the helm of the Supreme Court is a very dangerous thing.

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