Everything pertaining to the border is “odd.” We’ve got a so-called “VP,” who is supposedly overseeing the border, who’s never even been there, and a “president” who created a disaster, who also hasn’t visited the border.

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But it gets even more strange.

What the heck is going on with Jill Biden and her supposed official “role” on the border?

Do you remember when all of that was announced?


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We were told that Jill Biden was going to be the “leader” of a White House task force whose goal was to reunite immigrant families.

She even went on a virtual chat with young Latinos and literally said that she would be working on “unifying families.”

This was announced two months ago, with all the nauseating fanfare you’d expect from our government-run propaganda media.

however, now, if you go on Youtube, you can’t find hardly any mention of it. I did find this random “Vlogger” talking about it.

You can still find stuff in print. HuffPo published an article titled “Jill Biden To Lead Task Force To Reunite Separated Immigrant Families.” And if that wasn’t enough, Forbes jumped in and published an article that read, “Jill Biden Expected To Help Reunite Separated Migrant Families.”

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But now, the office of the First Lady is saying that Jill will have no formal role in any efforts at the border.


So, what the hell happened?

From 100 Percent Fed Up

Could it also be that Jill Biden is staying as far away as she can from her husband’s disaster at the border?
Politico just published an article with comments from the first lady’s office saying she has no role in the effort and mysteriously claiming she never did have a role in the task force. Advocates working with Biden believe she backed away from the task force leadership because of criticism of her husband’s immigration policy:

Some of the advocates and lawyers for migrant families are concerned that Jill Biden backed away from the issue because the administration is facing a torrent of criticism from both the right and the left on the border problems. It sure looks like Biden’s office is lying about this:

“I’m a little worried it’s deprioritized or viewed as politically sensitive,” said one advocate involved in the effort.

The first lady’s office maintains she never had an official role on the issue. Her spokesperson Michael LaRosa emphasized that “The Department of Homeland Security is leading the work of the task force. As the task force is an interagency task force, with members comprised of representatives from the relevant federal government agencies, the First Lady does not have any formal role.”


It sounds like Jill is backing away from a massive mess that her incompetent husband made.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing and neither does she.

And that appears to be the “go-to” tactic for this sham admin. Just bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist and hope and pray the media covers for you and the American people don’t see the truth.

This is why the left wants to censor conservatives online. They really don’t want the truth getting out.

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