Dr. Fauci got his butt handed to him yesterday during congressional House testimony.


Rep. Jim Jordan went up one side of the little doctor and back down the other.

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The main thing Jordan wanted to know was a simple question that most Americans have: when will get our liberties back?

Right? We all want to know when this tyranny will end.


Those of us in blue “lockdown states” like Michigan are looking at states like Florida and Texas, and wondering why we can’t be like them…Michigan is experiencing yet another massive outbreak, yet we have some of the harshest mask mandates and we’re still not fully open. Why is that? Can anyone put on their science hat and figure this out?

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Well, Jesse Watters has figured out most of this Fauci mystery – and after yesterday’s testimony, he knows exactly what the little doctor is up to.

It’s simple: Jim Jordan wanted Fauci to give him a “number” of COVID cases we must reach as a country in order to completely open back up…and Fauci wouldn’t give him a number…and Jesse Watters says that the reason Fauci won’t give a number, is because there isn’t one.  There is no number because as long as Dems are in power, this thing will never end because COVID gives them all the power they need to operate.

You can watch the video below:

At some point, Americans are going to have to start asking themselves the big questions – why were we told “15 days to slow the spread” one year ago, and we’re still doing the same things to “slow” it, and it’s supposedly getting worse?

If that’s the case, why wouldn’t we reverse course and try something else?

Why is half the country living like it’s 2019, and the other half is living like it’s the plague of 2020?


And furthermore, if things are really as BAD as we’re being told, why in my state of Michigan, are the top aides to Governor Whitmer grabbing their swimsuits and traveling to “free states” to enjoy mask-free vacations?

Based on all of this, can you honestly blame people for feeling like they’re being duped?

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