You’ve probably seen the awkward video of Kamala Harris greeting the Prime Minister of Japan, right?


It’s from yesterday’s disastrous and utterly embarrassing event at the White House.

Japan’s Prime Minister visited the White House and needless to say, it was a mess.

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Joe Biden didn’t even greet Japan’s PM because he was supposedly “under the weather,” which then forced Kamala to greet him instead.

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This was actually a very “insulting” move to the Japan PM, and the whole thing looked strange and uncomfortable.

Kamala is not comfortable pretending to be an “elected” VP and it shows.

It was a complete and total unprofessional and embarrassing clown show at the WH.


But as we all know, this is the handler’s chance to groom Kamala – and by the looks of things, they have their work cut out for themselves.

Here’s the original video:

But I found a much better version of that video that I have a feeling you’ll enjoy a lot more.

It’s the “MAGA” version, and even though this is a parody video, it’s probably a lot closer to reality than we realize.

You can watch the video below:

You know the Prime Minister of Japan is probably thinking, “who are these clowns and where is President Trump?”


It’s no secret that the PM of Japan and President Trump were very close allies and worked so well together.

As you can see from the official WH video, everything looks odd and awkward now.

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