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Politically homeless. What does it mean?

Maybe, you belonged to a party for years. Perhaps, you’ve never felt at home with Team Red or Team Blue. There’s always the possibility you’ve flirted with different parties at different times in your life.

If any of this describes you, welcome to the homeless shelter. All are invited. Few end up leaving once they realize nobody in politics really cares about you and me.

I don’t know you. I won’t waste your time telling you about yourself. I would like to tell you about me. You see, I’m politically homeless. I do belong to the Libertarian Party. But we have permanent residence at the homeless shelter. On the off chance one of us ever gets elected, swamp creatures won’t even work with us. The legacy media mocks us like circus freaks. We wear it like a badge of honor. It might be nothing more than confirmation bias.

I haven’t always been a Libertarian with a big “L.” I like to flirt with the GOP. They slap my hand away every time I get too forward. I belonged to the Green Party for about a minute, but I’m an outdoorsy type in Colorado, and we have our quirks. Still, I’ve always been libertarian—small “l”—in my heart. What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours. If we keep our hands to ourselves, you and I will get along just fine.

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My main problem is I don’t like politicians. I just have a hard time trusting someone who lies to my face and does something to my backside. Unlike party-loyalists, I don’t stick around after I get cheated on. That’s probably why I like Donald Trump so much. He wasn’t from the Establishment. I’m even wearing my DJT shirt as I type this out. For the record, I love the looks I get wearing this around Denver.

The other problem is the ‘chicken little’ media types on both sides. I’m tired of hearing how the sky is falling. Let it fall already. I’m also tired of hearing the absurd ‘we got him’ trope that’s accompanied by high-fives, backslaps, or martinis. Put up or shut up. That’s how you reach me.

Pew Research published six facts about political Independents in 2019. ‘Independent’ is a euphemism for politically homeless. 38% of the electorate is independent, yet most lean red or blue. I’m a ‘leaner.’ I love traditional values. I love everything America stood for before the last few years. But ‘leaners’ and partisans disagree on hot-button issues. It’s why I’m not welcome in the GOP tent after midnight.

Another study from Pew Research details the demographics of the 2018 electorate. This shouldn’t be a newsflash, but the GOP has a problem. Without Trump at the helm, Republicans struggle to attract four key groups: college graduates, Millennials, minorities, and women. The closest gap is fifteen points for people who have a college degree or higher. If you have a postgrad degree—been there, done that—the gap stretches beyond thirty points. Republicans either need to court us away from the homeless shelter or get ready to lose election after election.

At the end of the day, I nearly always side with my conservative brothers and sisters. Still, I don’t take kindly to being screamed at on TV. I don’t like salacious news articles that have no substance. And I need to be convinced why the manure you’re selling is better than the other guys. If you can accomplish that, maybe I’ll move out of this politically homeless shelter after all.

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