If there’s one thing that 2020 showed us, it’s that we can’t trust a good chunk of the Republican Party.

Yes, I know we already knew this – but I’m talking about it on a much bigger and deeper scale now. We’re seeing that key so-called “Republicans” wanted Trump gone even more than the Dems.

And one way that we can really see this, is by the company that they keep.

Take the #NeverTrump fake Republican out of Illinois – Adam Kinzinger. Now, he’s never been a “fan” of President Trump’s, but while Trump was in the WH, Kinzinger kept his criticism to a dull roar. But, the moment Trump was illegally removed, the “real” Adam came out with a vengeance.

He teamed up with another traitor, Liz Cheney to try and impeach President Trump. And now, Kinzinger even has a SuperPac that’s designed to fight against Trump and his America First agenda…and that’s where Mr. Bill Gates comes into play.

Kinzinger’s PAC is designed to eliminate all things “Trump” from the GOP.

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And if that’s not traitorous enough for you – there’s more –  it turns out the donors’ list to help fun this globalist/establishment takeover of the GOP includes none other than Bill and Melinda Gates.

Why is Bill funding a push to silence President Trump and his 75+ million supporters?

I’ll tell you why, because all of these people are in bed together…all of them. Every single one of them.


No Republican on earth should support this move, and no Republican on earth should accept money from Bill Gates, of all people.

But this is actually bigger than Adam Kinzinger – this is representative of the entire GOP leadership. Look at McConnell – is there a man alive who hates Trump more than he does?

And look at McCarthy – this clown hates Republican voters so much that he actually keeps Liz Cheney in her leadership role just to mock us.

It’s these types of weak leaders that allow and invite the snakes like Gates into the party.

From Chicago Suntimes

WASHINGTON — Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., is launching on Sunday a “movement” to reclaim the Republican Party from conspiracy theorists and the forces leading to the Capitol attack and to provide a counter to ex-President Donald Trump, who is retaining his grip on the GOP.

“This is no time for silence. Not after the last month. Not after the past few years. Someone needs to tell the truth. Someone needs to say what history needs to hear. So here I am. The Republican Party has lost its way,” Kinzinger said in a six-minute video posted Sunday kicking off his “Country First” drive.

“My hope is that this grows,” Kinzinger said in a call with reporters. “My hope is that new leaders emerge through this process as we help to support them.” He said the “Country First” movement is “not about trying to build something for me. This is about trying to fight to defend this party because it’s become so unmoored.”

Kinzinger said “Country First” is being bankrolled by one of his political action committees, the Future First Leadership PAC. The PAC had a balance of $39,956 as of Dec. 31. Its donors included philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, who each gave $5,000.

“I quite honestly think there will be a ton of financial support, ” Kinzinger said. Asked about the Gates’ contributions, Kinzinger replied, “these are people who are supportive of good government.”

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Kinzinger has to know that he’s toast.

And if he didn’t, the politicians challenging him in the upcoming primary were sure to let him know.

Catalina Lauf looks like the most promising opposition to Kinzinger.

But we need to narrow it down to one candidate, otherwise, if there’s more than one and the votes get split, Kinzinger will likely win.

And trust me, Bill Gates will probably be funneling Adam lots of money to make sure that he wins.


There’s noting the globalists want more than “double agents” in the Republican Party…and right now, they’ve got a lot of them…and the ones we see are just the start. Imagine all the ones who are still pretending to “support” America First, but are actually working against us.

It’s not a “swamp” out there – it’s an ocean of political disease and muck.

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