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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner and a friend of mine called out Chris Cuomo’s foolishness on Tuesday after he doubled down on his racist rhetoric against white people not feeling what black people feel until their kids get shot.

Faulkner’s segment began with a clip from Cuomo’s Friday show, to which Faulker reacted with “oh my goodness!” She then played the clip from Cuomo’s Monday night broadcast, to which she then responded with “Oh, my gosh!”

“He meant what he said, and no one uses the ‘R’ word against him?” said Faulkner. “He thinks there are no black people in the suburbs! I’m going to use the ‘i’ word; he is straight-up ignorant!”

Faulkner did not understand why nobody in the media was not calling out Cuomo’s racist commentary.

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Faulker asked Fox News contributor Lawrence B. Jones III, who happened to be on the panel, “There are black people in the suburbs. What is he talking about?”

Jones responded, “I reject the premise of his conversation because it’s just factually not true,” while adding his own experiences along with some added context.

Faulkner then asked Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren who went a step further when she said, “CNN and Chris Cuomo, in particular, are going to be outraged about all the violence that’s happening in inner-city communities around the country.” Rapid-fire ranted that Cuomo and Black Lives Matter and Rep. Maxine Waters would be sending a message of “compliance” if they really cared about saving black lives.

“Race, race, race. Let’s also focus on the actions of the suspect and the victim, and say, hey, listen, there are bad apples out there in the policing community, but if you comply, you will go home safe to your community at night,” said Lahren. “That needs to be the message, not one of martyrdom for resisting arrest.”

Even Kayleigh McEnany weighed in on Cuomo’s commentary saying, “This is amazing. Chris Cuomo needs to take a hard look in the mirror because he also said in his clean up of these comments, or double down if you will, he said, look, this has brought some of the worst and most divisive rhetoric out of us, this incident and these racial tensions. Well, he’s one of the chief perpetrators of that!”

“He said, ‘who says protests have to be peaceful?’ Those were words from the mouth of Chris Cuomo before making further incendiary remarks,” added McEnany. “We all need to step back and say how my rhetoric is contributing to the conversation.”

The left has successfully made this a race issue for their own benefit. However, this is not a race issue at all. The facts are that the more frequently people, regardless of race, commit the crime or are involved with criminals, the more likely they are to get arrested. If those arrested are inclined to resist arrest, the more likely the arrest situation will get violent.

Of course, there are bad cops, just like any other profession, and they need to be expunged from the police force. However, it is equally clear that most cops are decent people who joined the profession to help people and uphold the law. When those cops are in a life and death situation, they have to defend themselves and the public, just like anyone else would do. The point is, if those situations didn’t arise, shootings wouldn’t happen.

You can’t reform the police unless you also reform the public.

CNN is all about ‘fear.’ They are the ones who perpetuate stories based on race rather than the issue itself. Make it about issues that exclude color, and maybe more people will listen.

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