The loving liberal people who claim to care so much about the ocean and the environment are literally destroying it as we speak.


How are these hypocritical liberals killing marine life and polluting beaches?

With their beloved COVID masks.

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Experts at OceansAsia say that more than 1.56 billion face masks used in 2020 will end up in the ocean.

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They also predict that face masks would add up to around 4,860 to 6,240 tons of extra plastic waste in the oceans.


And that research was done before Fauci and Biden and the rest of the clown show told everyone to wear TWO masks. So those numbers are even higher now.

Yet, we don’t even have any solid proof that masks are preventing the spread of COVID.

The CDC and Fauci are all over the map when it comes to masks. Wear none, wear one, wear two, maybe three. It’s baffling how anyone can take these so-called “experts” seriously.

We know Rand Paul doesn’t take Fauci seriously at all. As a matter of fact, he’s continuously called him out for “mask theatrics.”

From Daily Wire

A new report revealed that used masks and other items that have been worn in order to protect one’s self during the COVID-19 pandemic have started to affect conservation and the environment of beaches around the world.

On Wednesday, New Jersey’s Clean Ocean Action environmental group released its yearly report about its “Beach Sweeps,” revealing that 2020 displayed a new kind of litter problem: personal protective equipment.

In 2020, the group added PPE to their data card in the fall after the spring sweep was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The group discussed the increase in PPE in its report, saying:

Amidst the global COVID-19 public health crisis, the world is facing an environmental health risk caused by littering of personal protective equipment (PPE). NJ towns and municipalities are witnessing increased dumping and littering of used masks and disposable gloves. All litter eventually finds its way to the ocean and will end-up as marine debris. As a result, COA added PPE to the Fall 2020 Data Card. In total 1,113 pieces of PPE were collected at the Fall 2020 Beach Sweeps.

The piece goes on to say that masks never actually break down  – instead, they break up into smaller pieces and exit indefinitely.

A recent study found that one mask can shed up to 173,000 tiny plastic microfibers in just one day.


Experts say this means that the damage from masks is cumulative and is literally piling up in the ocean over time. The experts go on to say that the situation is serious, and our current waste systems are not equipped to handle it.

Way to go Dems. You’re literally creating a massive environmental crisis by pushing masks that have no science even proving if they work or not.

But Dems don’t care, do they? The dirtier the ocean, the more money these environmental groups can rake in.

It’s all a big money-making scheme, and it has very little to do with actually caring about the “environment.”


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