You gotta love it when all the stars line up and the truth comes out.


Everything falls into place and the pieces of the puzzle click together and the entire picture becomes perfectly clear.

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This is what happens when a sleepy, disengaged public starts waking up and sees what’s really going on, and the more people who do this, the closer we get to blowing the entire lid off this gigantic psyop that we’re all living in.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in these videos below.

The George Floyd case is another polarizing situation that is dividing Americans.

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One on hand you have people who are outraged that a police officer kneeled on a man for 9-minutes while he was in dire need of medical help, and on the other, you have people who are angry that a career criminal was turned into a national hero and icon.

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But just like with COVID, there is a middle-ground on the George Floyd case that many people are missing.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

You can be disgusted with how Mr. Floyd was treated in his last minutes on earth, and you can also believe that he should not have been turned into a national icon and hero. These two truths can coexist. I believe what happened to Mr. Floyd was wrong, and it should have been handled much differently, but I also believe that Mr. Floyd’s choices in life, while not a reason for him to die, placed him at a higher risk for danger, and his past crimes, whether you want to admit they matter now or not, were very cruel  – especially to women, and I personally have a problem with that as well.

And on that note, Mr. Floyd’s past crimes probably wouldn’t have come into such great focus if he hadn’t been exalted to an unrealistic “Saint” status by the media and politicians.

But it’s not Floyd’s fault that he was turned into this worldwide civil rights figure and cities burned to the ground and 20+ people died in “his name.” He had nothing to do with that. It was the media and political activists who did that to Mr. Floyd. And the sad part in all of it is that we lost focus on what really happened.

Instead of George’s death serving as a serious conversation about police tactics and training, and drug abuse, and police-community-relations, it descended into a massive political circus that divided people – and his death also became a huge money-maker for Black Lives Matter. The more outrage, and rioting, the more money poured into the progressive coffers.


Situations like the Floyd case, if handled the right way can actually unite people and provoke positive conversations and changes. But sadly, the media and activists had a different agenda, and that’s part of the reason why so many of us feel divided and at odds.

And that’s where this video comes into play.

This savvy young lady has not only figured out the media’s game, and how they operate, she brought the “receipts” too.

You can watch the videos below:

There’s always an “agenda” when it comes to the media. But when their agenda gets involved, truth and fairness go out the window – and the only thing that matters is pushing their progressive ideology.

We can’t operate that way and expect to unite and move forward as a country or ever find common ground.

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There were a lot of people like me –  conservative white suburban moms who were truly outraged by Floyd’s death – but I didn’t have time to even absorb or contemplate how I felt before everything was completely politicized, and that’s when the story was lost and instead of being rationale and talking about the facts, we all began fighting in yet another ideological battle.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong – I don’t care what anyone says about his drug abuse or his past – I personally don’t think any human being should be kneeled on, anywhere on their body for 9-minutes, and then die. It’s not right – and aside from everything else, I have a real problem with that on a human level, and no amount of “whataboutism” will change that.

Whatever happens in court, is up to the law, facts, and evidence – but the bottom line now is that once again, we’re a divided nation thanks to the media.


They truly are the enemy of the people.


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