There are not many times that I am at a loss for words — this is one of those times.


I just can’t find the words to describe how sickened I am by this story – and these two videos. They’re just reprehensible beyond belief.

Loveland Colorado police are under fire today after videos involving the arrest of a 73-year-old woman with Dementia have been made public.

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The woman, who is thin, and frail, and looks very clearly confused on the bodycam, was arrested very aggressively by police officers – to the point where they dislocated her shoulder, all because she stole $13 dollars worth of groceries from Walmart.

I’ve seen some BLM and ANTIFA rioters who are treated with more respect than this woman was.

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Here’s the bodycam video of the arrest:

And if you think that was bad – it gets a helluva lot worse.

The cops reportedly brought the woman back to the station, put her in a cell, cuffed her to a bench, and then a group of cops sat around re-watching the bodycam footage, laughing at the “POP” that her shoulder made when it came out of its socket.


While the officers laughed and listened to the “pop,” the woman was crying in her cell and didn’t receive medical treatment for over 6 hours.

The officers also reportedly “fist-bumped” to celebrate the arrest.

Below is the video of the cops joking and laughing.

Watch (disturbing content):


Yes, these officers deserve their day in court – they have a right to defend themselves, and I support that process 100 percent, but as far as the videos go, this story appears to be stomach-turning beyond belief.


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