You know it’s bad for CNN and the lying propaganda media when even the angry protesters in Minneapolis are calling out the fake news media, right to their lying faces, live on the air.


Yes, that’s exactly what happened to CNN during the Duante Wright unrest in Minneapolis.

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CNN was on the scene in MN, probably giddy beyond belief over the civil unrest, when they encountered a pretty amazing guy.

This “red-pilled” protester marched right up to the CNN reporter and let her have it with both barrels.


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This guy told her and the world that CNN and the lying media are the problems.  He said that their twisted and wrong reporting is actually what’s making all of this (he pointed towards the unrest) worst.

He told the reporter, “Ya’ll be twisting up the stories,” and “all the press and extra sh*t y’all do makes this worse.”

Amen, Sir.

You can watch the video below:

I think the really stunning thing about this is that we can be on different ends of the spectrum in terms of what we’re fighting for or what we believe in, or even how we feel about an issue, but the one thing we can all agree on is that the media is out there lying, whipping up emotions, stirring the pot and making all of this a helluva lot worse.

Imagine if we didn’t have this CIA-run propaganda media, how much better all of us would get along?


The left needs civil unrest and angst in order to survive as a party – they need black Americans mad and fighting against everyone. If they don’t keep that narrative going, everyone will have too much time on their hands and see that they’re getting played and duped at every turn.

And the media perpetuates this – all the mainstream media – even Fox News. They’re no better. It’s the same thing as CNN and the others on the left, it’s just packaged differently.

We don’t have to agree with this man on everything, but we can agree that he understands what’s really going on and how evil our entire mainstream media is – and that is the one place where we should all find unity.


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