Bill Gates is turning into the 2021 version of Dr. Evil.


The geek who made software programs in his garage is now knee-deep in vaccines and pandemics. And if that’s not creepy enough, there’s more.

Bill Gates has a new “pet project” that is so bizarre and so creepy, that Tucker Carlson is now calling him out.

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What is Bill up to?

Well, now he wants to “dim the sun.”

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Gates is very interested in dimming the light from the sun to reduce or delay the effects of climate change.

This new info comes from a study from the Bill Gates-backed Harvard University Solar Geoengineering Research Program.

They want to block sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface.

Bill Gates supports research into creating fine particulates to reflect sunlight.

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It’s called “Geoengineering” and it refers to technologies capable of changing the Earth’s physical qualities on the most colossal scales possible.

Bill Gates has a “God complex.”

This is the guy who wants us all eating “engineered meat,” and pumping vaccines into our body, and let’s not get started on how he wants to thin out the world’s population.

Tucker called out this bizarre and “bonkers” new plan from gates on his show.

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He had on “Apocalypse Never” author Michael Shellenberger, who called the idea “bonkers” and warned against this “grossly irresponsible” experiment.

You can watch the video below:

It’s clear that someone has to stop this guy.

Gates seems more emboldened than ever since COVID…almost like it’s giving the “fuel” he needs to take off.


Bill Gates is not a scientist and he’s not a doctor. He’s a nerd who should be using his billions to HELP American vets and business owners who’ve been destroyed by this virus that he seems so giddy about.


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