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Amanda Milius directed and released the jaw-dropping documentary The Plot Against The President. I hadn’t heard of the film before today. I must have been living under a rock. Actually, I suspect I never heard of it because it has gotten zero airtime on legacy media platforms. The only outlets willing to support Amanda’s voice are free speech advocates not focused on clickbait and narratives.


After watching the documentary, I understood why the media didn’t receive it well. I mean that as a compliment to Ms. Milius and her team. They produced an outstanding project that details the seedy series of events surrounding Russiagate, collusion, hoaxes, and the coup against President Trump in 2016. I came away from experience with two realizations:

  • Legacy media outlets have to reject the account presented because they were culpable in perpetuating the wrongdoing.
  • What we are allowed to know from the curators of newsworthy information is even smaller than I imagined.

I may not be the smartest guy in the room, but I’m no Forrest Gump either. I should have known about the documentary before today. Borrowing a line from Donald Trump Jr. in the film, I had too much faith that American institutions would tell the truth. Sure, I’ve long been skeptical of the legacy media (I refuse to call them mainstream any longer). Still, I was fooled by the silence surrounding the documentary.

Building on the realizations, I pondered two notions. First, I would rather live in a world inundated with the free speech of fools than one where speech must meet a curated threshold to enter the public forum. Second, I would rather listen to unending monstrous vulgarities than the sound of silence. I’m asking you to reflect on these sentiments.

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Which would you rather have?

I recently wrote that I wonder if we may be entering another awakening in our country. I see the legacy media as the gatekeepers of information, limiting our access to what we are allowed to know. Of course, other outlets champion free speech. These require a bit more work on our part than merely flipping on the television while we’re making dinner for our families. Media types know how limited our time is and use it against us. They know how little time most people have to consume and analyze the tidal wave of information that hits us each day.


We sit through lectures about what is wrong with Americans and America. We are condescended to by a system that tells us we need to change while the very people who make up that system are complicit in undermining same America many of us don’t want to see taken from us. I liken the current media environment to the Enlightenment Age, where the Church butted heads with skeptics and free thinkers. (For the record, I am a devout believer who also leans on the objective understanding of our world through the scientific method.)

If we look at the legacy media platforms as the Church of Globalist Politics’s mouthpieces, one can see why they would reject our skepticism and objective approach to their messaging. We are questioning their narrative. We believe in America. We don’t believe the outlandish stories they are telling us about our America. We can see with our own eyes the objective facts, truths, and events that are later spun into some twisted version of reality where none of us live or want to live.

Our streets are safe when police officers patrol them. Our children learn when they have regular and consistent schooling. Our nation is secure when we have a strong military to protect it while not being bogged down in endless wars that make little sense to everyday Americans. Mostly, our elections and the peaceful transfer of power through those elections are—or, at least, were—the hallmark of success for our great country. These are axiomatic truths built on generations of experience and objective reality.

When Amanda Milius and her crew courageously produced and released their documentary about the 2016 election, it shined a light on the two realizations I mentioned above that we are becoming all too familiar with. Moreover, the recent events following the November election and what passes for the ‘new’ normal in our Orwellian American dystopia exacerbate the need for each of us to ask ourselves the two rhetorical questions I posed earlier.

What would we rather do? Would we rather watch our country continue its current downward trajectory into another once-was? Would we rather sit back and ask the government for more of our own money through stimulus spending that costs us untold inflation when the bill comes due? Would we rather feel the pit in our stomach harden into a knot, knowing we may never experience another free and fair election because no elected officials want to tackle the ‘irregularities’ that clouded numerous outcomes?


Or would we rather accept that freedom is ‘messy’ because it’s inherently packaged in uncertainty? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live with the ‘mess’ of freedom than whatever this curated existence has fallen into. After all, the fleas come with the dog.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.



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