I will tell you what is very helpful to our overall cause – it’s having common-sense Dems (the few that are still left) speaking out against what a radical cesspool their party has become.


These voices are the strongest and speak directly to the people we want to reach: Dems who haven’t lost their damn minds yet.

And that’s exactly what Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is doing…and she’s doing it very effectively.

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Clearly, Tulsi has declared political “war” against her radical party, which has gone off the commie rails and is imposing this communist “cancel culture” on everyone.

Tulsi has had enough, and she joined Trey Gowdy and explained to him that the cancel culture the left is pushing is no different than what terror groups like ISIS do.

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Powerful and true.

From The Blaze

Gabbard said the core of her belief in free expression and conviction that cancel culture is wrong is “based on the fact that we are all children of God. And recognizing that, we then treat each other with respect and respect this freedom that we have.”

“So, let’s look down the path and say, ‘OK … where does this cancel culture lead us?’ You see the final expression of cancel culture in Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda who basically go and behead those who … they deem to be infidels or heretics in order to silence them — in order to ‘protect’ others from being misled,” she said.

“And so when we look at cancel culture here at home, we see those efforts to cancel or silence those that … they don’t want the people to hear from, those who may offer a different idea than the one that those in power want people to see or to hear, or to be exposed to,” Gabbard reasoned, adding that “this is the danger of where this path leads us — unless we as individuals stand up against it.”

She also decried frequent outcomes of cancel culture: people who’ve fallen victim to its “fearmongering” and “bullying” and have lost jobs, family and friends, popularity, and even “likes on social media.”

“This requires us to ask the question of ourselves, ‘Who are we trying to please?'” Gabbard wondered.

Gabbard concluded by telling Gowdy that “life is short, death can come at any time, and I was happiest — and am happiest — when trying to live my life to be pleasing to God, to my best friend. And so as I’ve gone through my life — and especially in politics, the media is coming at you with attacks, political opponents, social media — I have always found that peace and that strength … in knowing that God has unconditional love for all of us.”

You can watch the video below (Tulsi’s part starts around 4 min. mark):

Keep calling out the commies, Tulis!


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