As you may know, has blown up over the past year in a half with increased new visitors and millions of pageviews every month. We can say with confidence, in today’s world of news and opinion, we are one of the leading sources for conservative news, breaking stories, commentary on politics, and the media culture.

We’ve vaulted ahead of many established conservative websites and sit at mid to top range of first visited for information and opinions. If any of you didn’t know, we’ve personally funded the website for years (including running out a 401K).


Our website has no outside investors, no major media company behind it, and definitely no shareholders to answer, which makes us truly independent. But along with that freedom comes a major problem. We do not have the capital/greenbacks/cheddar/cabbage to expand to hire new writers or make different and necessary changes that many of you might have complained about in the past (ads and pop-ups).

Right now, where we were when I started and where we are now are miles apart. I can’t say thank you enough for many of you visiting our website daily and sharing the latest in news and opinion. We call that faithful readership, even the trolls that visit to tell us how bad we are.

My reason for this article is to let you know we need your help to continue. We need more of you too, invest and share what we do. I want to add a more diverse voice to the website that includes entertainment and sports, along with lifestyle entries, and to do that; we need more revenue.

As I stated before, we are not privy to the big boys of cash, but that keeps us independent once again.


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With that subscription service, you can pay $5 a month or $50 a year and continue reading, commenting, and sharing our work with no hassle of the ads that some have sent in complaints about. And while many have been using ad-blockers to get around the ads, we will cease to exist if we don’t have your revenue support.

If you visit our website daily and have not invested in what we do, take the time to think about it how your contribution will keep us working for you. We hope you will welcome the opportunity to become a full-on subscriber.

NOTE: We didn’t go full paywall because we knew that would not be the best choice of action for you or us. We wouldn’t want to lose you as a reader, but we also do not want to put a wall up between us. There are other websites out there that direct you to pay for their most prized scoops and features. Our model wants the writers who worked so hard on their pieces to have their stories read by as many people as possible.

We ask you to think about becoming a subscription investor. 





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