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If this legislation ever gets out of Congress, will it be upheld by the Supreme Court?  Many states threw all caution to the wind for the 2020 presidential race, and the result was a mess, dare I say one that stacked the deck in favor of Democrats.

Now that so many people lost faith in elections, what the Democrats are doing is not just taking advantage of their majority (of one in the Senate) but throwing all caution to the wind. I hope it fails, and these voting matters are left to the states.


Like any other proffered Democrat legislation, the name of the bill is the reverse of the stated goal. This bill is all about institutionalizing voter suppression based on who runs the voter harvesting racket. The idea that such a serious issue as ballot integrity in thousands of jurisdictions across thousands of miles over such varied regions and local traditions and cultures can be homogenized from DC is the height of conceit, not to mention the danger of tyranny emanating from DC. There is an excellent reason the Constitution leaves it to the decentralized States and decidedly out of the hands of the Federal government.

I wish we would call it what it is, HR 1, Mandated Leftist Vote Harvesting.

Being a voting citizen requires that you put down your apathy, get up off your duff and go vote.  Voting is a right – but it also requires some responsibility.

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Our forefathers died fighting for the right to have a say in our country’s direction because they didn’t like how the king just arbitrarily decided what happened, including oppressive taxation.

Allowing a vote to be harvested is not being a responsible and engaged citizen.  It is essentially a delegation of your responsibility.  You are enabling a new “king,” the leader of the democratic party.  They come around and harvest your vote and then do whatever they want regardless of your opinion.  A great example is Obamacare.  A large majority of America DID NOT want it, and they passed it anyway.  Because who are we, the voters, to argue with the king!

All hail the new king!


The Framers knew tyranny first hand and wanted it to have no grab bar in this republic. Apparently, the Democrats know tyranny when they see it, too; however, they want to emulate it, not avoid it. Europe, including Russia, has been trying to subvert American success since the Revolution and this Democrat effort is part of that imported effort.

Our politicians are fighting for whom they always have fought for, themselves in the interest of money they get from their mega-wealthy patrons in the private sector, longevity in the Washington DC power, privilege, and cocktail circuit, and of course, the insatiable desire for face-time and fame. The wolf is and always has been guarding the henhouse. It’s just worse today. Their mischief today is more brazen and more naked. We desperately need to push the remove button every election to enact term limits to remove the relationships and interrupt corruption channels.

Could we get our elected officials to read and understand the Federalist Papers?  They were written to help overcome concerns over giving up a strong State power to a weak Federal power.  It succeeded in balancing the two “sovereign” issues, avoiding factionalism, and provided a political process that has been a wonder in the world.  I wonder if the authors (Hamilton, Madison, Jay) might look at our day and write a companion piece called “The State’s Papers,” arguing that we have traded for a weak State and an all-powerful Federal power.  This bill appears to confirm the power of the majority in DC overall.

It’s safe to point out and reaffirm that Pelosi and Company don’t care about the Constitution. They don’t care about fair elections. All they care about is ensuring that they stay in power, no matter how much damage their statist program inflicts. Once they control the machinery of elections, they won’t have to worry about being ousted.

There is hope. If progressives continue down this road, they will not have any power. From the ancient battles of vastly outnumbered free Greeks against Persians ruled by kings to the allies versus fascist Germany, the real lesson of western history can’t be erased,  and that is those fighting on the side of democracy and freedom win.



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