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How many trillions of dollars must we continue to waste to prove, once again, that Keynesianism is economic malpractice?  In the long-term, its only beneficiaries are cynical politicians who empty the treasury to keep themselves in office.

Lyndon Baines Johnson’s socialist programs have been expanded for 50 years, during which inner-city public schools, housing, employment, crime, single “parent” households, as well as every other measure of human living conditions have all deteriorated.


So, since it now has a 50-year history of escalating failures, it figures that Nancy Pelosi and the company are now trying to build on a bad thing.

Under Joe Biden, we put people out of work in the energy industry (learn to code) and encourage public-sector unions to stay home while reaping a paycheck. Government payrolls will continue to skyrocket, meaning the taxpayers will continue to be stripped of our hard-earned money to pay for it.

Think about it. In the last few weeks, Biden has delivered a militarized zone in DC, a humanitarian disaster reaching biblical proportions on our southern border, and an effort to destroy military morale with a 60 day “stand down” to have all personnel re-educated to denounce their Whiteness or be banned from employment.

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Under the Democrats, you don’t have to ask what your country can do for you because it will do it anyway. The idea is to increase dependency on government, especially national government. Then the grateful populace will always vote Democrat. With the support of its dependents, the government will further increase its power and scope, inching toward a totalitarian state.

Liberals are always searching for a crisis to solve and, more often than not, a crisis of their own making.   In this case, Nancy and Chuck need the 1.9 trillion dollars to pay off all their people, including the Public Unions and poorly managed state governments.  If they were to be satisfied with this, it would be one thing; however, these people can never be satisfied.  The impulse of do-gooders is inbred and is much like a drug addiction.

Are we creating a situation of incentivizing people to not return to work?  Is this a precursor to universal income?  No nation can long last with people staying home and not being productive; sorry for stating the obvious.


Give parents a tax credit for kids’ education and watch as public schools drop off the face of the earth. Biden will continue to meddle in the laws of economics to favor certain players. In the end, it’ll result in an economy where the low-middle class ends up suffering while the upper-class benefit. Good intentions aren’t good unless they equal good results.

Free money from the government is fatally addictive to the recipients.  The left refers to these programs as “popular,” as though how could one argue against anything that is “popular?”  Our society is becoming one of “what’s in it for free for me.”

Leftists are unconcerned with facts or logic. They guide themselves based on feelings and beliefs that are, more often than not, “magical” in nature. Huge government programs that throw obscene amounts of other people’s money at a poverty problem and then cause MORE Poverty are repeated ad-naseum because they “feel” so virtuous to their proponents.

We should all remember this moment!  The very delusional and extreme ” to the moon” narcissist Nancy Pelosi is gleefully handing out “free” money to everyone!   It is surreal that we have spent 5.5 trillion dollars supposedly for covid in the last year, more than the GDP of all other countries except the US and China!   We are being led directly to bankruptcy by this freaky lady!

Some believe The Great Society programs were well-intentioned, but in reality, it was a great disaster.

They stopped a multi-decade improvement in narrowing the income and wealth gaps of minorities (largely black) compared to whites.  In fact, the programs led to a reversal in progress already made.   What we are left with – and this is acknowledged by many on the “left” – is a multi-generational, impoverished class that gets enough to exist but not thrive.

Sadly, we are doubling down on the belief that more handouts are good for anyone (other than politicians).


This stimulus to initiate even more human disasters in broken families, inflation, and employment lethargy will make us all the more eager for the next election.

It will be interesting to see if our fiscal integrity can survive this latest infusion of cash and debt.  I see lots of comments which think it may be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Does anyone remember 2007-2008?  Sort of looks that way again.  I suggest caution!



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