President Trump is in a great spot right now.


Now that the sham impeachment is behind him and made fools out of the Dems and GOP establishment in the process, and he just made his successful political comeback at CPAC last Sunday, Trump is in a great spot to make another bold game-changer move.

President Trump is more popular than ever – and the fact that he’s been banished from all of social media has turned POTUS45 into a living martyr, and has only added to his already powerful persona.

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And speaking of social media…President Trump – who has used social media like a razor-sharp weapon –  is poised to make his comeback there as well…but it’s an even bigger story than that.

Trump has a “Kraken” up his sleeve right now – and I can’t wait to see if he uses it…

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President Trump told his insider circle that has several hundred million dollars in backing to actually build and start his own social media platform.

Can you imagine? Liberals and GOP hacks will be standing out the edge of a cliff ready to swan dive off if/when this happens..haha.


From Newsbusters

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly been in talks with donors about his much anticipated return to social media.

After years of censorship, and with politicians refusing to solve it, Trump may once again take action where others have failed. “Former President Donald Trump has told friends he has hundreds of millions of dollars in backing for a new social media venture that would give him an online presence and protect conservatives from being shut down online,” the Washington Examiner reported on Thursday. Two sources reportedly familiar with the matter said investors included Silicon Valley leaders spurred by concerns regarding censorship and “cancel culture.”

“We’re negotiating with a number of people,” Trump said in a Newsmax TV clip posted February 17. “There’s also the option of building your own site because we have more people than anybody, so you can literally build your own site. But we were being really harassed on Twitter. They were putting up all sorts of flags, I guess they call them. They were flagging almost anything you said.”

Trump proclaimed in a since removed tweet: “We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future.”

Trump condemned Twitter for selective censorship in a interview: “[Y]ou have other foreign countries saying the worst things possible and they don’t even talk about it.”

There have been rumblings for weeks regarding Trump’s return to social media.

A senior adviser to Trump, Jason Miller, gave hints about Trump’s plans in early February. He did not specify what the plans were so much as that many plans of action were being considered: “all options are on the table.” Miller explained to Breitbart News on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel that Trump was debating multiple options for his grand reentry to social media. “We’re just kind of figuring out which avenue makes the most sense,” Miller illustrated.

Jason Miller went on to give some extra details on President Trump’s inevitable return to social media:


“Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front. Nothing is imminent on that.”

We can’t wait to see him back online – it’s going to be amazing!



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