Bill O’Reilly, like many Americans, has some big questions for Biden.

He’s now been in office for just over 50 days and in that time he has not held any public press conferences, which is bizarre considering the media are practically his own personal cheerleaders.


But Bill asked his questions anyway and boy were they a doozy!

First Bill asked Biden just who these “open border” policies are benefitting, then he asked him why the heck gas prices have started skyrocketing since he took office, and lastly he asked why the heck Biden hasn’t talked to the press in the fifty some odd days since he’s become the s0-called “president.”

Check it out:

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Now we all know, O’Reilly included, that Biden would never answer these questions, but it’s still satisfying to ask them nonetheless.

And it’s not just O’Reilly and the American people who are frustrated with Biden’s lack of public appearances – the liberal press is clamoring to get him in the hot seat as well.

From Forbes

But, no, reporters were even more keenly focused on something else, besides all of that. The first question that White House press secretary Jen Psaki fielded at the day’s press briefing, right out of the gate, was another attempt by journalists to get an answer to something that the administration has skirted for weeks, to a degree that the media seems increasingly aggrieved over. “We’re 45 days into the Biden presidency,” Psaki was asked, “and he has yet to hold a presser. Why the delay, and when can we expect the president to hold a press conference?”

Psaki responded: “Well, first, as all you know, the President takes questions several times a week. He took questions actually twice yesterday, which is an opportunity for the people covering the White House to ask him about whatever news is happening on any given day. We look forward to holding a full press conference in the coming weeks, before the end of the month. And we’re working on setting a final date for that. And as soon as we do, we will let you all know.”


This whole thing is very suspicious.

There’s really no logical explanation for why he’s ghosting the media like this, other than his so-called speech impediment.

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