The internet really is an amazing place…

People are able to take a video as simple as Biden slipping and sliding on his way up Air Force One and notice the smallest details that would be lost to most.


That’s exactly what OANN reporter Jack Posobiec did when he saw the video of Biden’s now infamous face plant.

Posobiec brilliantly points out that in the video you can see Biden’s right leg is the one that gives out during his fall, which is the same side he suffered a foot fracture on in November while he was naked, playing with his dog.

Check it out:

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And speaking of that “accident” where Biden fractured his right foot, there’s many odd details that just don’t add up in his story.

From Washingtonian 

On November 28, news broke that President-elect Joe Biden had broken his foot while playing with his two-year-old dog, Major. But further information about the incident remained scarce until Biden revealed all in a new interview yesterday with CNN, and the details are…pretty goofy.

It all started right after Biden got out of the shower. (Dare we wonder about our next leader’s attire—or lack thereof—at the time?) Major, being a dog, seized the moment to drop a ball in front of his owner. Biden picked up the ball and began to chase after the pup, and that’s when clumsiness took over. “I’m joking, running after him and grab his tail,” Biden told CNN. “And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug. And I tripped on the rug he slid on.”

Although the first set of X-rays showed no clear break, a subsequent CT-scan revealed hairline fractures in the mid-foot region. The injury requires Biden to wear a boot during his recovery.

That incident raised many questions on what exactly caused Biden’s fall as the whole “playing with a dog” story just isn’t making sense.

There are many who believe that Biden is in a much more frail condition than what officials are letting on and this recent fall certainly isn’t going to help matters.

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