It’s shocking how fast things can go wrong for police officers.


I don’t think we realize sometimes how everything they do is just teetering on the very edge of death and danger.

But they are in such danger all the time  – and this CCTV footage from an apartment complex shows in brutal and frightening fashion just how fast something seemingly “routine” can turn into a literal nightmare.

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The incident happened in New York City – a place where de Blasio has made it increasingly difficult for the police officers to do their jobs safely and successfully.

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The two officers who were shot last night are lucky to be alive.


You can watch the video below:

Meanwhile, de Blasio’s radical wife is now calling on citizens to handle “dangerous” situations with criminals.

She took to Twitter where she encouraged citizens to engage violent people, and gave them “pointers.”

Isn’t this what the police should be doing?

What is she thinking? She will get people killed.


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