Mike Lindell is passionate – and that’s a good thing. However, in these oppressive times, when the big tech censors are de-platforming conservatives at every turn, “passion” can also be very dangerous and cost you your entire business.


And that’s why conservative “Right Side Broadcasting Network” was forced to cut-off Mike Lindell’s mic.

Lindell is not a fan of the COVID-19 vaccine and he was making that known during an appearance on RSBN.

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Mike likened the vaccine to the biblical “sign of the beast,” among other things. Trust me, he hates the vaccine. Which should be okay – this is America. But it’s not. That type of thinking and speaking is not allowed – and as a result, the RSBN host had to step in and read the Youtube disclaimer to Mike.

Honestly, they could lose everything if Youtube deleted their page.


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You can watch the video below:

I don’t think you can blame RSBN for what they did. They don’t want to see their entire Youtube channel go down the drain. I get that.

It would probably be a good idea for them to have a sitdown with Mike before going on air, and explain to him that there are certain things he can’t talk about.


Yes, this sucks and it feels like we live in China, but for now, people are doing what they can to survive…Let’s focus on Rumble, and Parler, and Gab, and get away from dependency on these “Big Tech” platforms who treat the internet like a communist-run country.


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