As a former PR person, I can smell a “cleanup” act a mile away…and that’s what’s happening right now with Meghan and Harry.


The Meghan and Harry “Oprah Interview” was a PR disaster.

The couple rolled the dice and tried to get the upper hand on the Monarchy and “set the record straight,” and it didn’t work.

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The problem for Meghan and Harry is that they went too far – way too far – when they accused the Royals of being “racists” and then wouldn’t even name names.

It had a “witch-hunt” feel to it – and that’s not a good way to be at a time when the world has grown really, really tired of the commie cancel culture.

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For the first time ever, Harry’s popularity back home is underwater, and the Brits can’t stand Meghan.

If you take an unofficial “temp” online of how people feel, I’d say from what I saw, most of the people were critical of the couple.


Watching a couple worth $50 million complain about their finances is a hard pill for a lot of struggling people to swallow.

So now, we’re looking at the “cleanup” effort.

And Michelle Obama got her mop and broom and is cleaning up for the spoiled-rotten couple by giving them an easy “out.”

Just be the bigger people and “forgive” the Royal family for being a bunch of “white supremacists” and show the world how stunning and brave you are.

That’s the underlying message Michelle Obama is sending with her latest remarks while slamming the Royals as a bunch of racists jerks.

Gee, well played, Michelle. 🙄

From Daily Mail

Michelle Obama has said ‘it wasn’t a complete surprise’ to hear Meghan Markle’s allegations of racism within the Royal Family, and expressed her hope that the family could reconcile.

Obama, 57, weighed in on the furious fallout from Oprah Winfrey’s March 7 interview in a discussion with Jenna Bush Hager on NBC, to air on Tuesday morning.

‘Race isn’t a new construct in this world, for people of color,’ said Obama. ‘So it wasn’t a complete surprise to, sort of, hear her feelings.’

Prince William last week hit back against claims his family are racist. His firm rebuttal comes after Buckingham Palace issued a statement on Tuesday on behalf of the Queen expressing how the issues they raised, particularly that of race, were very ‘concerning’.

But the statement also made clear the Queen and senior royals were also keen to stand their ground, adding: ‘While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.’

Of course, Michelle made sure to get in her “divisive race-baiting” jabs while she was it.

We’d expect nothing less from her, right?


Nobody stokes the fire and flames of division and hate more than the gloomy former first lady.


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