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Watching political sides again try to claim the moral high ground while blaming what happened in Atlanta, GA, on race is disgusting and nauseating. I am sick and tired of both sides and their sanctimonious arguments, trying to paint the other as to why the country is in such a real mess.

It’s both sides that have caused the young generation to be lost. The older generations should have put into place the idea of how America will be great if everyone adds their talents and puts God first and other things added to that America First blueprint, but there are too many radicals that are sick to the bone; its nuts. It makes me want to leave politics forever.

Robert Aaron Long will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but the message not getting out about this sick man is that he admitted that he snapped because of sex addiction, not because of race.

But according to our media, Democrats using the guy’s white color and conservatives online who have been trying to push black on Asian crime statistics as a more pressing problem, eight Americans are dead because of this man, and that’s getting lost in the shuffle.

Bottom line, evil is evil and this guy has to pay.

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According to Fox News, former classmates of Long are coming forward and giving a more detailed breakdown of the man who killed eight people in the Atlanta area on Tuesday evening.

Jonathan Desire, a former classmate who graduated with the suspect, claims, “He was a totally different person in school. He was quiet, calm, and collected.”

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds held a press conference on Wednesday and informed the media that the suspect may have a “sexual addiction” and “may have frequented some of these places in the past,” according to the alleged admission.

It’s always the same story. They always describe them as a quiet person. Well, the quiet ones are the ones I am most wary of personally. Sociopaths are usually quiet, withdrawn people.

If religion were the problem, there would be a lot more this going on. If he were Christian, he would know that temptation is part of the human condition and something everyone has to address, and nobody’s perfect, and everyone falls. But there is a gift of salvation for the accepting though none are worthy. And so on.

This guy has a mental illness, and that is the problem. I don’t think anyone really understands how many people take drugs and overdose for the same reason. Despite the culture’s insistence that it’s all normal, many people still have guilt from living sinful lives.


Sadly, once again, it is NOT the weapon but the person who wields it. If this coward and what has been disclosed is true, this deeply disturbed individual should have been on someone’s radar screen. Fix our mental health system first.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night again proved how recklessly determined she is to blame everything on Trump. Her passive-aggressive approach to these murders was to intimate the attacks were on Asians because, by her mind-numbing brain-dead extension, Trump “falsely” claimed that COVID came from China. If there had been any indication of race being involved that had surfaced today, CNN “news outlets” would have been falling over each other, blaming Trump. The best part, they may still find a way; you know they’re looking.

I had a feeling this guy was all about happy endings when I first heard about this story; another deranged loner with no friends never had a real girlfriend other than the palmer sisters and will be someone’s girlfriend in the not too distant future. To think the country’s future rests on so many faceless, cowardly, narrow shoulders with the same backgrounds, social ineptness, and overall lack of any meaningful life experience that think they’re entitled to everything but earn nothing.

We are creating a generation of kids with no ability to rationalize and work through their problems. Typical young people blame other people for his problem instead of dealing with them like rational people.

There are meetings for people who suffer from sex addiction and medications that reduce sex drive. There is a deeper pathology behind this slaughter. Condolences to the bereaved. Such a senseless tragedy.


The death penalty has been criticized for not working. I don’t see it this way! This man intentionally killed eight people. The issue with me is some numerous relatives and friends will now suffer the pain for the rest of their lives. By putting him to death after his due process is afforded care of two things.

One, he will never have an opportunity to do this again. Second, the victim’s families and friends will have closure knowing the perpetrator is gone!

Horrible and senseless. May the victims rest in peace.

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