We all remember that debate during the Republican primary back in 2015 when Megyn Kelly went after President Trump with a vengeance.


It was a career-changing moment for the former Fox News star.

Since that moment, a lot of things have changed for Megyn – she was fired from the “Today Show” for her remarks about “black face” – essentially “canceled” by the left – the very people she appeared to be catering to with her earlier anti-Trump agenda.


Kelly was poised to be the next “Katie Couric,” but everything changed for her, and in no time flat, Megyn found herself alone on an island.

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And then she got “red-pilled.”

In most circumstances, many would say that Megyn’s change of heart was opportunistic and strategic – and I’d agree with them in most circumstances – but not this one.

I truly believe that what happened to Megyn’s 3rd-grade son, made a huge impact on her as a mother, and her “change of heart” is 100 percent sincere and real.

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We all know that Megyn yanked her kids out of their uppity NYC private school…and now we know why…and if this isn’t a true “red-pill” moment, I don’t know what is.

Just The News

During a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former Fox News and NBC anchor Megyn Kelly told the host that she had withdrawn her children from their prestigious Manhattan private schools because those in charge of developing the curriculums had “gone off the deep end.”

In particular, Kelly referenced a “three-week, experimental trans-education program” at her third-grade son’s former Upper West Side prep school, Collegiate. The program “wasn’t about support,” she told Maher. “We felt it was more about trying to convince them, like, ‘Come on over.’ And the boys started to get confused.”

Kelly, who says most of her friends are liberal and that she has always known her children’s schools leaned left, told Maher she and her husband had finally reached her breaking point.

That is effectively where most Americans stand — live and let live. But according to Graham, under the Equality Act, tolerance of alternative lifestyles and gender identities is not enough. “You have to endorse their beliefs” as well, he said. And “if you don’t, then they label you a person who is guilty of hate speech.”

Megyn has emerged from the “black face” cancel, and this situation with her son as a tried and a true warrior.

In all honesty, she’s fought harder for Trump and the 75+ million who voted for him with more sincere passion than most of the GOP.

She’s calling out the Cuomo brothers when many politicians on the right are just sitting back letting the chips fall where they may.


Megyn may have committed a big “political sin” in the past, but I believe that her real-life challenges and battles have truly opened her eyes and her transformation is real, and I believe we’re very lucky to have her fighting on our side.

Never underestimate the power and passion of a mother who is defending her child.


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