As you likely know by now, Meghan Markle is in the middle of a “bullying” scandal at the Palace.


She stands accused of treating staff so poorly and abusively, that some claim that would be “shaking” and “crying” after dealing with her.

Other staffers say the former duchess was always starting drama and wasn’t happy unless she had someone she was picking on or targeting.

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The accusations are damaging and paint a very unflattering picture of Harry’s unpopular wife.

But Meghan says it’s all hogwash.

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She says the claims are false, and that the palace is actually doing this just to “smear” her name.

But there’s one very big problem with that claim she makes…and it’s a bombshell.


We found out that the Palace has known about these “bullying/abuse” claims about Meghan for some time, and they’ve actually been doing all they could to make sure they never leaked out.

They didn’t make them up – and they’ve been trying to protect her….up until Meghan and Harry decided to pull the race card on the Royals.

So, that’s not “hogwash” or a “smear campaign.”

Again, Meghan’s story is falling apart.

From OK

“The Palace did everything they could to cover up the complaints that were made about Meghan, but that ended the moment she sat down with Oprah [Winfrey],” a source told The Royal Observer. “There are many different sides to a story. Meghan has decided to tell her side and now should be prepared for others to tell theirs.

“Don’t expect the Queen or senior members of the family to run and do interviews with the British Oprah,” the source continued. “They had people to do their dirty work, while they keep their hands clean. You have to remember the royals are not just a family, they are one of the oldest businesses in the world with PR teams and massive connections. Meghan might have Oprah, but the Queen has everyone else.”

According to the new report by UK Times, the complaint against the former Suits actress was made in October 2018 by the couple’s former communications secretary, Jason Knauf. At the time, Knauf claimed Markle “drove two personal assistants out of the household and was undermining the confidence of a third staff member.”

Knauf reportedly sent an email to the Duke of Cambridge’s private secretary, Simon Case, who is now the cabinet secretary, after conversations with Samantha Carruthers, the head of HR.

According to Daily Mail, the email read: “I am very concerned the duchess was able to bully two PAs out of the household in the past year. The treatment of X was totally unacceptable. The duchess seems intent on always having someone in her sights. She is bullying Y and seeking to undermine her confidence. We have had report after report from people who have witnessed unacceptable behavior towards Y.”

After learning of Knauf’s complaint, Prince Harry allegedly insisted on meeting with the couple’s former communications secretary and begged him not to pursue the complaint. Lawyers for the the couple denied the meeting ever took place.

The insider who said Meghan should brace herself for more staffers coming forward was right. Already there are reports that ten more people are waiting in the wings to share stories of abuse and bullying from Meghan.

From Breitbart

At least ten former staff members are ready to come forward as claims that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex bullied and “humiliated” aides are probed.

Allegations that Meghan, the former Suits starlet and wife of Prince Harry, inflicted “emotional cruelty and manipulation” on staff are being investigated by Buckingham Palace, after a former aide revealed she had been the subject of a bullying complaint and accused her of driving a number of people out of their jobs.

“A group of people are queuing up to be involved. They have been silent for too long and there is much to talk about,” a source told the left-wing Daily Mirror.

Claims that Meghan brought a certain Hollywood entitlement into British public life have swirled for years, with her husband accused of doing little to restrain her — “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets,” he is alleged to have shouted at the Queen’s dresser during an incident involving a diamond tiara.

“I… witnessed Meghan turn and ‘hiss’ at a member of her entourage, clearly incandescent with rage about something, and demand to leave,” the royal editor at the Daily Mail said of one alleged incident during a public event.

This is going to get very ugly.

I think Meghan opened a Pandora’s Box that will blow up in her face.


The Royals are not going to sit back and allow a D-list actress to destroy their heritage.


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